Major release of Foreman.

Foreman_17_Schedule for an overview of the schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
3288 Bug When creating "New Host", "New" string is not translated
5573 Bug Statistics link for OS results in field 'os_description' not recognized for searching
6974 Bug Hitting Cancel button on New Org > Manually Assign page goes to 404 page
7487 Bug Bullet points visible next to dashboard widgets
7488 Bug On creating hostgroup with html tags, UI appends the closing tag and string in name
7646 Feature Create and manage Docker containers
7908 Bug mac address toggle between lower case and upper case in audit logs
7971 Bug DHCP conflict still triggered for non-conflicting leases
8314 Bug Static Network info is not applied during preseeding on Debian like OSes
8347 Bug facts feature should not be enabled by default
8405 Bug Resolve Templates button on Host#edit broken for multi-nic systems
8418 Bug Add 'facts' feature to features
8433 Bug Humanized name (type) of NIC works only for managed interfaces in ENC output
8457 Bug auto complete search clear btn is misaligned
8459 Bug sp_subnet_id is not writable attribute of host
8467 Bug trends day range selector not visible

Closed Sprints

Sprint 27


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3976 Feature Need Read-Only user Role pre-defined and available post installation
6560 Refactor Extract puppet specific fact parsing logic to isolated class

Sprint 28


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3809 Feature Add rubocop to foreman
3840 Refactor Remove Signo related code
4596 Bug cannot change parent of hostgroup
5926 Feature Hide global parameter values
5929 Bug Taxonomy selectors do not obey assign_$taxonomy permissions
6444 Feature Add ancestry NICs and allow interfaces with same MAC
6538 Bug User group vs usergroup name consistency
7041 Bug Wrong mappings in audit_extensions
7105 Bug Zanata mappings need ot be standardized
7178 Bug Allow passenger_t to EXECMEM
7218 Bug User w/o view host permission can access /hosts UI page
7225 Bug Smart proxy does not correctly initialize logger
7235 Bug Smart-proxy DHCP tests depend on a particular order of execution
7286 Bug Foreman::Exception while creating compute resources when a provider is not selected
7317 Bug Asset compilation fails in RPMs as Rubocop rake task unavailable
7344 Bug unable to import interface facts for certiain network configuration

Sprint 29


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6468 Feature Authorization filter owner = current_user
5088 Bug organization and location options missing from hammer commands
3085 Feature Request to be able to clone host groups via API
1592 Bug report::expire errors with millions of records
2127 Feature Support newer hash schemes for root passwords
3544 Bug Editing an oVirt compute resource allows changing the type, which is unsupported
2232 Refactor Can we speed up loading of Host overview page.
2524 Bug Taxonomy scope API parameters not documented
4386 Feature implement gem friendly_id to simply find by id, name, label, etc
5541 Bug Filter of resource type Organization can result in error condition when trying to access organization resources
5811 Bug User email validation doesn't exactly match specification
6549 Feature Core tests should be disable-able from plugins
6695 Bug Adding two OS parameters with same name doesn't raise any error when values are different
6864 Bug APIv2 error messages not extracted
6874 Bug PGError: ERROR: bigint out of range: on setting entries_per_page to long integer value
7038 Bug PGError when hostgroup name exceeds 245 characters
7139 Bug Subnet name is unlimited length and not 255 chars
7164 Bug Cannot create host if the domain name starts with "."
7181 Feature Add rubocop to smart-proxy code
7213 Bug Tests are failing for plug-in due to permissions being created outside of seeds
7221 Bug Edit organization displays associated resources for use w/o permissions
7299 Bug organizations UI "Mismatches Report" shown w/o view hosts permission
7314 Bug Tests shouldn't stub settings
7336 Bug Editing compute resource clears existing attributes from the form
7393 Bug searching users by role_id not supported
7418 Bug Capitals used for column-based activerecord errors
7430 Bug subnet mask validation
7432 Bug button with dropdowns sometimes split lines
7434 Bug Setting descriptions are shown without wrapping
7437 Bug PGError when host group title is exactly 256 characters
7438 Refactor Move facter dependency loading into the facts plugin descriptor
7450 Bug We mark not-required fields as required
7489 Bug root password length should be labeled as "must" instead of should
7491 Feature Move default org and location dropdowns to same tab as org/loc selections
7560 Bug add :required => true on host fields that have conditional validation if host.managed?
7571 Bug onContentLoad is triggered twice on document.ready
7572 Refactor Remove rundeck from core
7591 Bug Inconsistent terminology around Login vs Sign Out
7592 Bug Ordering within the Logged in user menu should be flipped

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
7234 Refactor SCL 1.1 builds needed for EL rebuilds (CentOS, SL)
3260 Feature Allow puppet parameters to have no default value, but overrideable
3309 Feature Support deep merging of hash structures in smart class parameters
2321 Bug Fail trying to create a new puppet class
746 Feature Generate all the Host template when click on Build to avoid errors during installation
809 Refactor query.rb is out of date
2089 Feature Expose network configuration via ENC
2283 Bug Need a way to configure proxy timeout
3135 Bug Request Timeout on Puppet Class Import
3492 Feature API v2 - nested routes for each controller
3902 Bug Foreman is unable to create instances with openstack Havana
4369 Bug RBAC UI - clicking a role in the UI should go to filters page
4672 Feature Add possibility to render template name within a template
4439 Bug User names should be downcased at creation time
5130 Feature Issue warning in development mode when apipie cache is out of date
5139 Refactor Remove leftovers subscribe_to_all_hostgroups
5169 Bug Setting a class parameter to an invalid value needs to have more obvious error message
5468 Bug Root password being filled by Chrome, changing it on host edit
5634 Bug Users using apache sso are redirected to /users/login at session timeout
5773 Bug editing resources in UI returns view to wrong page and search
5833 Bug suggested command do not work when created new trend counter
5900 Bug Verify TLS settings used in vhosts
5922 Refactor compute resource #random_password to use SecureRandom()
6214 Feature Alphabetical menu sorting in the web UI
6408 Bug mousing over the org selector in UI raises menu that does not dismiss after mouse moves outside menu
6710 Bug Cannot edit host group if its name only contains UTF-8 characters
6890 Bug Puppet environment cannot be edited when name is only numeric
6914 Bug puppet class with numeric name can neither be edited nor deleted.
7098 Bug Improve selinux reporting in foreman-debug
7163 Feature In host's edit page, show the source for the value of puppet class parameters
7172 Bug E-mail notifications/mailers aren't translated
7331 Bug Unassigned OS Template Defaults Generate an Exception Upon Deletion Preventing You from Deleting Them
7332 Bug Host Create API documentation missing required parameters
7352 Bug Missing DNS record should return 404 not 400 for DELETE
7372 Bug API v2 - accept PUT/POST requests with wrapped root node to add/remove has_many associations of child nodes
7401 Feature Add support for bond interfaces
7477 Bug vSphere CR is using deprecated property
7519 Bug I18n extract AJAX-error messages on hosts controller
7522 Bug RHEV/oVirt compute resource should have CA text field editable
7547 Bug Cannot log out of WebUI from mobile device
7561 Bug `No. of CPU` search URL is incorrect
7562 Bug Intermittent sigkill on mysql tests during ReportTest
7569 Bug scope's require create callable object (lambda or Proc) for rails 4 upgrade
7584 Bug add Authorizable module to class AuthSource
7587 Feature Javascript validation of passwords on Edit User screen
7588 Bug 'Displaying x entries' button doesn't seem to do anything
7608 Feature override all class parameters of a class at once
7613 Bug Error rendering searcheable list pages in a new plugin
7619 Bug [zh_CN] Localized string broken for 'Loading' page.
7624 Bug location and organization char names are capped to 246 instead of 255
7734 Feature As a user, I want to configure when I receive recurring e-mail notifications
7657 Bug Remove default OAuth credentials
7660 Refactor Fix rubocop warnings from Lint/AmbiguousOperator to Style/BracesAroundHashParameters
7733 Refactor Remove Host Fixtures
7750 Bug Foreman - Failed to "Submit" while building a new VM
7586 Feature As a UI user, I want to configure which e-mails notifications to receive
7227 Feature Move Ubuntu 12.04 packages to Brightbox PPA with Ruby 1.9
4656 Tracker Drop Ruby 1.8 support
7663 Feature As an API user, I should be able to manage my own email notification preferences.
7756 Bug API error message can expose too much internal information
7757 Bug ApplicationHelper#link_to passes the arguments incorrectly when a block is given
969 Feature Direct Client->Foreman communication shouldn't be needed (and moved to the Proxy)
7772 Bug data-ajax-url could be called multiple times
7805 Feature Add several security related HTTP headers - security hardening.
7819 Bug Windows facts should be returned from kernelrelease
7830 Bug Make interface API output specific per class
7859 Bug Ssh puppet run does not work on Ruby 1.9+
7860 Feature puppetssh: add puppetssh_wait config option
7861 Feature Upgrade rubocop to 0.26.1
7862 Feature Upgrade rubocop to 0.26.1
7876 Bug Organization.my_organizations is filtering on locations instead of orgs
7879 Feature Update to fog 1.24.0
7884 Bug Display Fog errors on power operation
7886 Bug Compute Resources in new host form should be ordered
7897 Bug rhscl-* packages unsigned
7898 Bug Error when adding a LDAP Auth Source
7907 Bug gravatars are now broken
7933 Bug Operating systems' api responses miss filed 'title'
7934 Bug Autoloading of Nic models does not work in some cases
7970 Bug Default Ubuntu 12.04 Ruby should be 1.8
7974 Bug Ruby193 - SCL "facter fqdn" not displaying FQDN - displaying null value
7975 Bug Querying subnets by name no longer works
7982 Bug Entering 'html' data for an operating system's name breaks the Operating System page
7985 Bug Can not access server console
7989 Bug /api/v2/hosts rejects POST request containing operatingsystem_id parameter
7994 Bug Set token_duration to 6 hours instead of one hour
8005 Bug Another autoloading o NIC models issue
8008 Bug URL, user and password no longer shown when installer has a non-fatal error
8019 Bug Javascript en locale files contain fuzzy English-English translations
8043 Bug Statistics link to OS is wrong
8044 Bug uninitialized constant Nic::Interface (NameError) when running spork
8048 Bug n+1 query on select multiple hosts
8056 Bug "The page you were looking for doesn't exist." for smart proxy 'Refresh Features' and Editing
8091 Bug Secure websockets connection denied by secure headers
8133 Bug template diffs don't get displayed anymore
8160 Refactor Extract chef related code to separate plugin
8258 Bug Some libvirt errors should not be logged as debug
8277 Bug upgrade rails to 3.2.20
8278 Feature foreman-prepare-realm should support FreeIPA 4
8281 Bug Clicking on Certificates in Smart Proxies page gives immediate error
8282 Bug disable sslv3
8300 Bug TemplateTest#test_template_requests_return_data uses invalid "message" webmock option
8302 Bug Associating image to Openstack CR fails undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass
8321 Bug Regression in 6e916e5 - Templates for image-based hosts can no longer be rendered
8325 Feature Enhance Plugin model to know where the plugin is stored
8445 Bug upgrade rails to 3.2.21
8456 Bug undefined local variable or method `normalize_addresses' for #<Host::Discovered:0x000000102dbdc8>