Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_18_Schedule for an overview of the schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6774 Bug Receive HTTP 500 after issuing HTTP POST with non-JSON request body
2749 Bug Failed to fetch bmc information: undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass
1448 Bug statistics page 'class distribution' miss count
2135 Bug During puppet class import, puppet class description box should close itself
2592 Bug No indication when waiting for host dashboard button action to complete
3008 Bug Partition table is truncated
3278 Bug /New %s/ can have several translations that should be hardcoded for this specific case
3695 Feature Add a device name to additional host interfaces
4424 Bug Strikeout of Puppet Class Properties when Overriding on Node not working
4613 Refactor Remove duplicate scoped search definition from taxonomy models
5018 Refactor Unpin rbvmomi 1.6.0
5458 Feature Make setting static IP more user friendly
5701 Bug Creating a host without OS set gives undefined method `boot_filename' exception
5855 Bug Cannot select vSphere clusters in folders (foreman-vmware)
5998 Bug Config templates cannot be assigned to a taxonomy from config_template#edit
6044 Bug production.log should have timestamps in it
6098 Feature When adding Amis to the EC2 compute resource I would like to be told if I typed in a bad ami
6369 Bug Unable to create host without Puppet master when specified on host group
6371 Bug no normal way to get VNC password for guests being provisioned on libvirt compute resource
6454 Bug Deploying to OpenStack fails due to missing user_data template
6568 Bug RHEV 3.4 versioned templates are indistinguishable
6655 Bug Clear _ForemanSelectedhosts cookie when an action is performed
7405 Bug FreeBSD bond interfaces lead to constant switching of primary interface
7407 Bug Cloning a hostgroup do not clone Puppet classes and parameters
7456 Refactor Extract primary interface from host
7462 Feature Improve user interface of interface configuration
7471 Feature Suggest new IP for interface link, similar to what we have for host
7523 Refactor Remove complete_value on ids
7590 Bug OS Family web UI is handled uniquely in three different places
7615 Bug Unable to create a non-taxonomy role filter when current context set
7652 Feature Support CoreOS
7764 Bug only generation of JSON objects or arrays allowed
7954 Bug When creating a host cant is spelled wrong under partition table side note
8049 Feature Add suppport for user timezone
8210 Feature Implemented caching for smart-proxy puppet classes
8267 Refactor Refactor templates code to use parameters instead of a proxy api call
8284 Bug Operatingsystem API document missing ptable_ids
8331 Feature As a user, I want the ability to filter my mail based on whether Foreman sent it and which instance
8348 Feature Make target user variable available when sending group mail
8356 Refactor Refactor libvirt reset method
8357 Refactor Update fog version to 1.25.x
8358 Bug No validation of domain in host
8367 Bug After upgrade of Foreman from 1.5 to 1.6.1 it fails to communicate with proxy in threaded mode, throwing weird error : uninitialized constant ProxyAPI::Features
8377 Bug Nic::Base.uniq_with_hosts fails if host is nil
8392 Bug passenger-status broken on EL7
8400 Bug Unused eager loading in lookup_keys index
8414 Refactor Extract repeating validators from models
8417 Bug Error in smart class param or value doesn't focus on element with error
8424 Bug Controller concerns are loaded twice
8425 Bug n+1 query on audits index
8428 Bug Audits are not linked to users
8429 Bug Unknown region: "eu-central-1"
8442 Bug Eager loading on audits page does not work
8461 Refactor Replace UUIDTools with SecureRandom.uuid
8462 Bug Remove or use i18n_data dependency
8463 Refactor Remove gettext_i18n_rails_js from runtime dependencies
8469 Refactor remove unused CSS code in application.scss
8471 Feature add support for html5 numeric inputs
8477 Feature Improve usability of config template locking/defaults
8484 Feature Make SmartProxyAuth concern more useful to plugins
8498 Bug Root Password setting (root_pass) or (@host.root_pass) should be available to kickstart finish scripts for cloud servers
8499 Bug License mismatch
8501 Feature Support installation of foreman-docker plugin
8503 Refactor Update ruby_parser and safemode gems
8510 Bug gettext_i18n_rails 1.x causes "cannot load such file -- gettext/tools/task" in production
8527 Bug Proxy SSL verification fails with rest-client 1.7 and rbovirt's rest-client extensions
8539 Bug Single test fails on Mac OSx
8558 Feature Support installation of foreman-digitalocean plugin
8559 Bug SignatureV4 authentication needed for eu-central-1 region
8581 Bug Can't provision a new host if vmware cluster is under folder
8601 Bug use cloudinit like user data in vsphere compute ressource
8620 Bug Useless back to host list link in multiple action
8625 Feature salt_puppetrun_cmd config parameter for custom 'puppet.run' command
8641 Refactor Update fog version to 1.27.x
8661 Refactor fix some problematic styling issues in the vm form partials.
8676 Bug foreman-debug should tar everything up in a subdirectory
8704 Refactor Replace all uses of jQuery.size() with jQuery.length
8710 Feature Break out foreman-debug into separate package
8721 Refactor Replace all uses of jQuery(item).attr('id') with item.id
8722 Bug foreman_packages fails on Debian when "foreman" files are in pwd
8727 Bug Discovered hosts with same MAC address are reported as DHCP conflicts
8736 Bug Confirmation missing from host page's delete button
8747 Bug google-api-client 0.8.0 causing undefined method `logger' for #<Foreman::Application:0x00000006efc800>
8748 Feature Allow per-plugin enablement of HTTP in configuration files
8764 Feature Locations should have descriptions
8785 Refactor Ensure HTML table has thead/tbody html5 markup
8790 Refactor N+1 on user list page
8796 Bug Correct string to GB conversion
8802 Feature Add Turbo links support
8804 Bug The dashboard is not aligned with filter text box
8811 Bug Smart proxy does not load settings.d/<setting>.yml
8812 Bug Pass model type in API base controller
8822 Bug Template history show diff link opens two tabs in Firefox
8830 Feature Allow two-pane to work on show
8837 Refactor proccess_ajax_error should return json and status 500 on error, not text with 200
8838 Refactor change http error codes to meaningful symbols
8855 Bug Oj gem hides rabl errors in development
8857 Refactor refactor Debian boot_files_uri into parent class to match CoreOS
8875 Feature Support Salt plugins with Installer
8878 Bug Domains are being added with case sensitivity
8879 Bug Pin fast_gettext to get tests to run
8890 Feature Allow selection of plaintext "encryption" method for root password
8905 Feature Add host configure option for binding the TCP port
8922 Bug authorized_smart_proxy_features should not fail if not implemented
8934 Bug Turbolinks breaks some pages
8948 Bug Problem with implicit test ordering from DHCP API test
8949 Bug Setting rename migration for {restrict_registered, require_ssl}_puppetmaster is actually a noop
8953 Feature Update IPA userclass param when an existing host is assigned a new realm
8963 Refactor Rename trunc helper to trunc_with_tooltip
8970 Bug Turbolinks regression: second click on two-pane enabled link does not work
8977 Tracker Foreman packages for Debian/jessie
8981 Feature Support Debian/jessie in foreman_proxy puppet module
8989 Bug Allow connections to Docker
9006 Bug Chart that displays facts for all hosts needs a header
9030 Feature Clone config_templates via the api
9059 Bug Puppet SSL Directory can be different
9061 Bug Tests fail with NoMethodError: undefined method `join' for #<String:0x007f62c3e6fb90>
9089 Bug SSL client certification cannot be disabled per plugin
9099 Bug Upgrade to rubocop 0.28
9101 Bug After dropping Foreman database, cannot re-run installer successfully
9104 Feature Disable auto network interfaces
9107 Refactor Update fog to 1.28.x
9113 Bug API docs for creating/updating users miss locale and timestamp parameters
9124 Bug Root passwords that start with $ are assumed to already be hashed
9139 Bug Networking configuration snippet does not work with latest foreman
9147 Bug New NIC code causes orchestration issues with plugins due to ordering issues
9152 Bug Provisioning new oVirt VM's fails
9160 Bug Image based provisioning does not honor provision interface
9186 Bug Multinic migration db skiped for unmanaged hosts
9195 Bug MAC address validator raises an error if MAC is invalid instead of recording an error in validated object
9198 Bug undefined method `to_enc' for #<Nic::Base:xxx> after migrating from older DB
9212 Bug Capybara browser tests - use a headless browser
9225 Refactor Private is defined twice in hosts controller
9249 Bug Associate host with vm fails for all compute resources but Ovirt
9277 Bug Katello installer has wrong options for discovery image download
9286 Bug node.rb timeout is too low for some usecases and not configurable
9287 Bug Networking configuration snippet should be used during image based provisioning
9320 Bug Can't create host using VMWare compute resource
9321 Bug Add class variable to disable "option domain" in dhcpd.conf
9324 Bug Suggest IP is not triggered for primary interface
9325 Bug Editing interface in modal window resets compute resource NIC attributes
9335 Bug Config Group > Classes difficult to navigate and select
9339 Bug Operating systems page not sorting by name properly
9347 Feature puppet module should support alternate agent service name
9351 Bug Interfaces tab turns red with Not Found message if foreman is deployed on sub-uri
9357 Bug Not all description fields Foreman are the same length. Some are text fields and some are strings (255 chars)
9358 Bug Unattended controller matches IP/MAC from primary, not provisioning interface
9362 Feature Add mediapath support to CoreOS
9369 Bug Copying TFTP files from content_source is broken with undefined method `content_source'
9394 Bug Kickstart network snippet doesn't work in safe mode
9427 Bug Using "Suggest new" IP button from New Host pages is a no-op on webui
9429 Bug user shouldn't be allowed to create alias and bond interfaces without specifying identifer
9430 Bug Provisioning host in VMWare compute resource fails with invalid MAC address
9434 Bug when configuring an alias interface user should get some warning if bootmode is set to 'DHCP' under provisioning subnet
9435 Bug A tool tip is required on add_interface form adjacent to identifier field to clearly state what identifier user should provide based on type of interface
9449 Bug foreman-installer fails if lsb-release is missing on the system
9452 Bug VMware Compute Resource shouldn't have a capital W
9457 Bug Foreman-debug extensions must have executable permissions
9458 Bug Foreman debug should run executable extensions
9461 Bug undefined method domain_selected() when selecting Host group domain/subnet
9480 Bug Fix multiple NICs integration with compute profiles
9495 Bug User shouldn't be allowed to create bond interface without specifying identifier when it is set to managed
9496 Bug tool tip needs to be added on subnet page adjacent to IPAM dropdown to state all options in that
9497 Bug User shouldn't be allowed to create BMC interface without mac
9500 Bug Wrong domain assigned when they have intersection in the middle of name
9510 Bug Provisioning does not work on subnet with static boot mode
9523 Bug Puppet master crashes on AVC when blocking setattr after logrotate
9547 Bug UI should set boot-modes appropriately under subnet
9548 Bug compute profile storage allocation does not change with {none, size, full} button selections
9589 Feature Documentation button on models
9590 Refactor Test for Host::Managed#info is too fragile
9592 Bug UI should report errors to the user when External AD UserGroup addition fails
9606 Bug The debug level logging adds many ESC charactors in the production.log file
9615 Bug while adding alias interface, mac should be auto populated based on attached_to interface
9618 Bug User shouldn't be allowed to create an interface with same identifier of any existing one
9631 Bug Add identifier tests for bonds
9650 Bug Global parameters can't contain multi line values
9657 Bug API for creating host can't merge NICs from compute profiles
9678 Bug Can't update admin flag for users via API
9693 Bug Small typo in new strings regarding network
9723 Bug Host create/update api docs miss owner_type
9740 Bug Requests to foreman_url containing path are not built correctly
9751 Bug rake config examples are wrong
9771 Bug undefined method `encryptable_fields' during db migrate
9775 Bug CR encryption key not loaded before it's checked, encryption is disabled
9778 Bug unable to associate vms with VMWare compute resource
9823 Bug descriptions of API parameters for smart_variables, smart_class_parameters and override values are missing
9824 Bug Unable to show or edit VMWare Compute resource
9827 Bug compute resource info in API v2 does not send provider type
9831 Feature kafo 0.6.6
9832 Bug puppet-foreman incompatible with pl-mysql 3.0.0
9833 Feature Include PuppetDB module
9836 Refactor Using provider_friendly_name in paths to compute resource related assets can cause problems
9842 Bug FactParser register method has wrong name
9852 Bug REST API violation in BMC smart proxy API
9856 Bug user api json does not include organizations and locations
9869 Bug Foreman silently ignore all ldap exceptions
9877 Bug descriptions of API parameters for smart_class_parameters and override values are missing
9885 Bug CVE-2015-1816 - LDAP server SSL certificate not verified
9916 Bug katello/foreman-installer does not work with Puppet 3.7.5
9921 Bug Wrong API docs prevent NICs from being created via apipie-bindings
9926 Bug LdapError: unsupported encryption method with LDAP auth source
9928 Bug db:migrate database setup is not idempotent on 1.8.0
9967 Bug Unit tests do not isolate user setup
9973 Bug apipie doc string substitutions not working
10001 Bug [Foreman] Rubygem-passenger 4.0.18
10002 Feature Taxonomies API v2 should return ancestry
10020 Bug Smart Proxy DHCP does not set option 66 and 67 (nextServer, filename) on new DHCP Record creation
10087 Bug Deploying vmware from template ignores nic_type (E1000 or vmxnet3) setting, and configures using E1000
10093 Bug Creating VMware host over API with compute profile doesn't perform image provisioning
10099 Refactor pin execjs gem for Ruby 1.9
10100 Bug License file is outdated
10101 Bug [foreman] 1.8.0 RC2 freeipa template
10105 Bug host create fails with "Missing arguments for 'interfaces_attributes'"
10111 Bug "primary_interface is nil" error when editing unmanaged host
10124 Bug foreman-debug does not collect /var/log/syslog
10129 Bug Error getting AWS flavours
10153 Bug Missing JS File during host group edit
10154 Bug hammer does not work on fresh 2.2: taglist.rb:94:in `to_simple': undefined method `to_simple' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
10168 Bug Foreman names VM's incorrectly when using multiple nics for provisioning
10215 Bug Puppet classes and proxies reset to empty values on any host update
10255 Bug syslinux > 5 might need extra files to boot machines

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
844 Bug puppetclass host count does not count hosts though a hostgroup
4521 Bug Openstack boot from volume
4464 Feature Implement SELinux policy for smart-proxy
4478 Feature API docs need to be localized
6832 Bug Editing host with no organization/location shows first instead of blank
5723 Bug Puppet classes not showing Host Group Membership when used through Config Groups
5725 Bug Puppet Classes counters not updating # of hosts being used on
7032 Feature db backup tasks accept destination file
7233 Refactor Revert Ruby 1.8 specifics
7369 Bug External user groups should be updated on login
7378 Bug foreman api v2, GET to /api/v2/puppetclasses/foo/smart_class_parameters returns ALL smart class parameters for all puppet classes, if foo is not a valid puppet class
7849 Feature trusted_hosts should determine hostname from certificate CN on SSL requests
7987 Feature Support Ruby 2.1
8233 Feature As a user, I would like nicely formatted HTML e-mails
8285 Bug Foreman repository doesn't have a README
8316 Bug Removing a long-standing host creates huge transaction
8337 Bug Compute Profile text in oVirt form is misleading
8362 Bug Add help popup for IPAM and BootMode on Subnet#_form
8364 Feature Add N+1 query detection in development mode
8421 Feature Host group search by OS attributes
9245 Bug Add override setting to allow mcollective puppet runs to run as a different user