Patch release of Foreman 1.15

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Team Marek Iteration 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19707 Bug Searching for specific organizations/locations broken

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
9805 Bug Puppet master generates lots of invalid context messages
19529 Bug Unable to access plugin pages when user email is not provided
19657 Bug Cannot delete administrator user account: update or delete on table "users" violates foreign key constraint
19730 Bug Warning "not recommended to unlock this template" does not work
19742 Bug API call for fact_values is slow when user is non-admin , Foreman 1.15.0
20098 Bug Cannot resolve user_data template with all kind of compute-resource
20173 Bug Concurrent calls to Subnet#unused_ip may return the same ip address
20240 Bug Regression Bug Full Screen Template only show half of the screen
20316 Bug unable to delete user. leads to foreign key violation
20434 Bug Can not install Foreman to CentOS7 (probably due to missing rubygem-sqlite3)
20539 Bug foreman-debug shouldn't save private key
20622 Bug Puppet reports recalculate all statuses
20628 Bug When cloning host/hostgroup, root pass field is not copied
20646 Bug Cloning Host: Device Identifier has already been taken
20700 Bug Hostgroup provisioning templating API does not work with spaces
20814 Bug UEFI does not work on RHEL 7.4
20843 Refactor Pin public_suffix on Ruby 2.0
20872 Bug Update scoped_search to 4.1.2 or higher

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - Iteration 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18284 Bug foreman-selinux is conflicting with container-selinux