Patch release for Foreman 1.7 series. Usually between two and four weeks after .0 release.

Foreman_17_Schedule for an overview of the series schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
5841 Bug Foreman dashboard slow in 1.5 for non admin users
6765 Bug creating a medium with single whitespace(" ") shouldn't be allowed
6872 Bug New Compute Resource page is missing HTML title
7353 Bug Installation occasionally fails: failed to call refresh: /usr/sbin/foreman-rake db:seed returned 1 instead of one of [0] with "Validation failed: Name has already been taken" in katello-installer.log
7440 Bug autocomplete for 'owner = current_user' is not working
8030 Bug Permission denied - bind(2) on DNS lookup when creating a host
8221 Bug subnet not matching domain available as choice when creating new host
8241 Bug Denials when libvirt configured via qemu:///system
8361 Bug Search autocomplete dropdown shown behind dashboard widgets
8363 Bug Sort VMware datastore/network dropdown menus
8401 Bug n+1 query on group parameters host edit
8513 Bug N+1 query on compute resource image list
8526 Feature two_pane form does not serialize file upload when submitted
8536 Bug Can't update / delete media which has name with dot (.)
8538 Bug ISC DHCP provider does not respect expired and free leases
8551 Bug Multiple overrides in inherited Host Groups causing multiple values on host.
8590 Bug undefined method `template' for nil:NilClass when listing VMs
8591 Bug Selecting domain in New Host dialog results in PGError and no subnets being available
8592 Feature Enable plug-ins to bring in action for multiple hosts
8618 Bug Wrong german translation for "Filter"
8627 Bug hammer cli does not have an option to add comments in a host's "Additional information" section
8685 Feature Netmask in ENC output

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4463 Bug Default profiles templates default to https:// connection for kickstart
4611 Bug DB migrate and seed should be re-run if an error occurred during the run of either
5999 Feature Support assigning public IP to Amazon EC2 host
7525 Feature Report volume sizes via facter
8228 Bug default_template_url removed from API controllers, causes PXE menu build failure
8416 Bug Puppetclasses edit n+1 query
8546 Bug New ENC output for iinterfaces clashes with Facter