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Sprint 17


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3468 Bug host deletion fails when token exists
2783 Bug db:convert:prod2dev fails on table 'architectures_operatingsystems'
3268 Bug defer postgresql foreign key constraints for rake db:convert:prod2dev
3603 Bug ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid and postgres undefinedtable when searching puppetclasses in Foreman 1.3.0
2680 Bug Unable to provisioning host using UI - vSphere 4.1.0
3645 Bug Total value not shown in daily summary mail subject
3661 Bug Cancel mis-redirection from /hosts/fqdn/edit to /hosts
3682 Bug Pin rabl to 0.9.0 to ensure 1.8.7 compatibility
3698 Bug GCE: image selection form fails to render due to image_id versus image_name
3717 Refactor Pin fog version to prevent incompatibilities

Sprint 18


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3653 Bug Recent versions of fog require guest_id to be set.
3832 Bug GCE: image username supplied as "user", not "username"
3855 Bug ruby-libvirt 0.5.0 fails to build on Ruby 1.8.7
3881 Bug Pin locale to 2.0.9 or lower
3901 Bug Report delete command fails, it tries to delete a ptable