Patch release for Foreman 1.7 series. Usually about a month after .1 release.

Foreman_17_Schedule for an overview of the series schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6362 Bug top level menu item "Content" visible to normal user without any permission
6540 Bug With no datacenters, error should be shown when creating VMWare compute resource
7165 Bug Delete link in dropdown menu shows text cursor in Firefox
8335 Bug Edit Compute Resource form always clears out the password;
8402 Bug Reports from the last xx Days not displaying day filter option
8638 Bug Delete Host action should return /hosts instead of 404 on /hosts/delete-host.domain
8735 Bug cloud-init disk isn't enabled on Rackspace VMs
8786 Bug Override button is gone and won't be back
8788 Bug DHCP not detecting pingable addresses on Windows
8791 Bug I18n::InvalidLocale: :en is not a valid locale
8821 Bug Openstack images form fails for unnamed images
8853 Bug Actually redirect command stderr to error log
8885 Refactor Pin google-api-client for Ruby 1.9 support
8925 Feature Load plugin asset manifests from Foreman root directory
8930 Bug Typo on Trends page
8993 Bug FreeBSD patch releases get converted in a wrong way
9025 Bug Magic name methods don't work with plugins
9049 Bug Swallowed exception message when triggering a Puppet run
9084 Bug net-ldap 0.11 throwing uncaught exceptions with invalid filters
9097 Bug Typo in value_to_sql method causes ext_method searches with LIKE to not be applied

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
2948 Bug Whitelist additional Provisioning Template Macros
8366 Bug Upgrade from 1.6.2 to 1.7rc1 fails during AddUniqueIndexToParameter db migration with duplicate key error
8851 Bug Loading seed file of plugins with dash in name fails