Patch release for Foreman 1.7 series. Usually around the branching or release point for 1.8.

Foreman_17_Schedule for an overview of the series schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
5812 Bug Creating EC2 compute resource via CLI expects URL but documentation says to use REGION
6884 Bug Centos mirror in "Installation Media" doesn't work for versions without $minor
8052 Bug Smart class parameters with ERB snippets are broken for other that String types
8565 Bug report::expire is running very slowly
8739 Bug default root_pass not used if password field is an empty string
9044 Bug Tests can fail randomly on mac.succ
9102 Bug When trusted hosts is enabled, remote hosts cannot access templates
9118 Bug Failed to send email notification puppet_error_state: undefined method `recipients_for' for nil:NilClass
9156 Bug Package gssapi for Debian
9193 Bug Foreman-config script broken
9231 Bug Exception message missing when ENC fails to render
9274 Bug Config Groups not carried over when cloning a Host Group

Closed Sprints