Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_19_Schedule for an overview of the schedule.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7574 Bug update confirm option for the link_to helper to be data attribute for rails 4 upgrade
1536 Feature Foreman should check DHCP entries on build
3016 Refactor accessible_hostgroups method unnecessarily sorts in memory
3711 Bug Usergroups can have empty name
3856 Feature Expandable text areas fro overriden parameters
4551 Bug Google Compute Engine Compute Resource Fails to create new hosts
4769 Bug "wrong element type nil at 4 (expected array)" warning from AuthSourceLDAP
5630 Bug VmWare clone from template fails if Network Adator has labels in VmWare
5649 Bug Missing unattended_url field validation
6332 Bug Unnecessary taxonomy related SQL queries in authorizer when feature's disabled
6524 Feature log settings should be part of /etc/foreman/settings
6976 Bug Build default PXE menu should be POST request instead of GET
7096 Feature Partition Tables should just be a kind of Provisioning Templates
7335 Bug organizations UI "All users" toggle not checking permissions for being displayed
7337 Bug organizations UI does not filter resources to associate based upon RBAC
7454 Bug Unlocalized period next to the end sentence 'organizations' link in 'Location configuration' page of Administer->Locations->Help.
7505 Bug Trends are not aggregrated
7532 Bug [ja_JP] String 'Actions' broken in New Host->Parameters tab.
1213 Feature It should be possible to get email reports of Audit changes.
8106 Refactor Save dashboard widgets in DB to increase flexibility
8214 Bug "Use Puppet default" column in host parameters list has no data
8217 Bug Matchers/overrides have no clear grouping, mess of input boxes
8502 Feature Move to scoped_search 3.x
8516 Refactor Remove require 'fog' and only load specific providers
8525 Bug Update Mail to Email in User Settings
8566 Refactor Reorg of Administer->Settings
8861 Bug Lengthy organization or localtion names breaks UI
8898 Feature Warn users about caps lock in passwords
9031 Feature Missing API call to list config_template combinations per hostgroup or environment
9121 Feature Add README to project
9187 Bug Overrideable empty puppet class parameters are still validate their default value
9194 Feature Enable copying fact values
9299 Feature Windows installation media should be more transparent
9301 Feature Support hosts with no Puppet Environment
9334 Bug When hover over Sat 6 UI tab: Hosts, Provision Setup is in Opposite order of configuring.
9397 Refactor Make usage of @host.operatingsystem in UnattendedController consistent
9424 Bug Provisioning triggers undefined method `managed?' for nil:NilClass
9439 Bug Configure > Global Parameters > New Parameter > Name field "can't contain white spaces"
9444 Bug Firebug raises: "NetworkError: 404 Not Found" on selecting the 'Domain' from "New_Host_group --> Network" tab
9454 Feature Host graph axes and legends could be improved
9551 Bug fix failing specs on osx due to different encryption output
9593 Refactor replace `.all.map(&:<attribute>)` with `.pluck(:<attribute>)`
9613 Bug :foreman_url should be mandatory
9632 Bug Wrong case usage in virtualisation products
9674 Bug 500 error on any problem when signing Puppet certificate
9709 Feature allow the bmc module to log all impi calls
9710 Feature add rubyipmi test_connection api call
9711 Bug bmc module does not full implement its api
9713 Bug Restore WIN32 service functionality
9791 Bug Get rid of apache_content_template macro
9793 Bug querying /api/v2/fact_values with a user with view rights doesn't work
9806 Bug Minor typo when building PXE default
9812 Bug 'match' and 'value' parameters in override value's create should be required in apidoc
9840 Bug BMC providers should return 501 error code when they don't implement the api call
9879 Feature More verbose host delete dialog
9886 Bug compute resource password help text is not html safe
9919 Bug trusted host test can hang during DNS lookup
9957 Bug Auth source tests are not run
9969 Bug N+1 on host[group] edit page
9993 Feature Root password and partition table should be optional when not in build mode
9998 Bug Format the puppet error state email
10003 Feature Support for settings migrations
10072 Feature As a developer I would like to be able to do image-based provisioning of atomic hosts
10090 Bug Minimised dashboard widget names are not translated
10116 Bug BMC is not able to use parameters passed in through body
10151 Bug Unable to get resource pool when cluster name != cluster full_path
10158 Bug Add new host to fresh install
10194 Bug help text for token_duration confusing
10216 Bug Show report events in natural order
10247 Bug Hostname tooltip are truncated
10261 Refactor Update fog to 1.30.0
10263 Feature Encrypt LDAP password in database
10264 Bug DHCP smart proxy implementation does not honor configured omapi port for ISC dhcpd
10284 Feature foreman-debug being non-interactive makes it more friendly to usage by other tools
10287 Refactor Provide helper methods for proxy features
10288 Bug audit logs show counter cache information
10289 Bug Change default root password hash function from MD5 to SHA256
10320 Bug WIN32 requires additional gems
10337 Feature Set the Out of sync duration in the settings.
10382 Bug API Nic::BMC calls don't accept lowercase provider names
10406 Feature Add LDAP instrumentation logging
10409 Refactor Rails 4 and 3 compatible changes
10437 Bug warning: already defined
10438 Refactor Remove unnecessary rake tasks from trends
10439 Refactor Reduce task should be idempotent
10442 Refactor DRY up host.managed? logic in NIC model
10466 Bug Proxy registration puppet error is not clear
10470 Refactor Update fog to 1.32.0
10471 Refactor Replace require_ssl filter with Rails' force_ssl
10487 Feature As a developer, I should be able to define custom loggers and control them via settings
10507 Bug Intermittent integration HostTest/HostgroupTest database deadlock
10513 Bug Documentation for reports task is wrong
10518 Bug Broken quickstart section URL in README.md
10526 Feature Support for Cisco NX-OS PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP)
10527 Feature DHCP/TFTP support for Cisco NX-OS PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP)
10528 Bug Can't save a smart class parameter/smart variable with the value 'false'
10583 Refactor Run .uniq in database instead of in memory when possible
10584 Refactor Replace sort.uniq with uniq.sort
10633 Bug Associate architecture to OS during fact import
10635 Refactor Formalize deprecation warnings
10638 Refactor Refactor template full-screen mode so that it can be used for other elements
10639 Bug Print stacktrace in debug level using log_halt method
10641 Feature Ability to search VmWare networks
10656 Bug counters are visible in audits
10660 Bug Location and Organization should be allowed to have the same name
10664 Bug Virtual interfaces does not work with compute resources
10666 Bug Configured Alias interface doesn't come up automatically after host provisioning
10683 Bug Permission to view oVirt compute resource VMs is incorrect
10684 Bug ComputeOrchestrationTest::only physical interfaces are matched test failures
10695 Bug Foreman shouldn't seed initial taxonomies if any taxonomies already exist
10699 Bug Options -u and -a must be exclusive for foreman-debug
10701 Feature Introduce configuration file for foreman-debug
10703 Feature Randomize websockify port
10711 Refactor Move LDAP instrumentation to its own logger
10713 Bug Stop truncating backtraces
10715 Bug GET /api/v2/config_templates/build_pxe_default returns non-JSON message
10720 Feature Hosts API should expose VM attributes, such as cpus and memory
10727 Bug UI should raise an error on creating a host with BMC interface, when BMC feature is not enabled on proxy
10729 Bug clear notifications on login
10736 Refactor Improve logging during authorization
10738 Bug Changing puppet environment of host to one missing assigned puppet module fails silently
10740 Bug Audits created during DB migration of ptables to templates
10769 Bug template operations are not logged
10778 Bug private method `template' called for #<ProvisioningTemplate:0x0000000f15e168>
10780 Feature Provide a hostgroup class FactoryGirl helper for provisioning
10787 Bug RPM upgrade to 1.9.0-develop from 1.8.1 seems to break VMware integration
10793 Bug Editing location or organization fails with NameError uninitialized constant ConfigTemplate
10801 Bug Error message 'nonexistent' misspelling
10815 Feature Make languages for Apipie configurable
10817 Bug Second autocomplete field on one page is not activated
10829 Bug CVE-2015-3235 - edit_users permission allows changing of admin passwords
10849 Bug We send form templates as part of params
10853 Bug config_template_ids does not exist in taxonomies PUT
10854 Bug show on operationgsystem is missing ptables and config_templates
10861 Refactor remove unused columns from the hosts table
10868 Bug Selecting "All $RESOURCE" for a taxonomy results in error 'uninitialized constant'
10876 Bug Image select box is not refreshed after OS change so Foreman uses wrong image
10877 Bug Import from puppet fails with "Failed to list puppetenvironments"
10879 Bug Postgres DB additional Index on reports for reports dashboard widget
10887 Bug Remove debug statement from clear_cache
10895 Refactor Move smart_proxy_chef-specific classes out of smart-proxy
10899 Refactor Remove deprecated smart proxy scopes
10909 Bug Can't unset value in dropdown menus
10910 Bug Dropdown menus not opening on interfaces modal
10911 Bug Seletc2 fields do not work with nested fields
10916 Bug unknown attribute: config_template_ids in operatingsystems PUT and POST
10917 Bug Missing API docs for /provisioning_templates/.../template_combinations
10921 Bug Rephrase foreman-rake manpage
10928 Bug No default dashboard widgets for users
10933 Bug config_templates node changed name in v1 operatingsystems#show
10941 Bug puppet classes cache not working right
10945 Bug foreman-debug to collect foreman http request log
10963 Bug operatingsystem_ids attribute ignored in ptable API update
10964 Bug Selecting environment on host form doesn't update Puppet classes
10965 Bug Host#show page dropdown to filter reports by X days is very large
10976 Bug Unused IP button does not work anymore
10985 Bug puppet certificates selector looks wrong
10994 Bug Extra interface added when selecting compute profile
11018 Bug Taxonomy API updates throw "Invalid version format" deprecation-related error
11023 Bug OpenStack wrong tenants url in fog 1.32.0
11024 Bug Smart proxy config sections changed, update documentation URLs
11033 Bug hammer auth-source does not allow all the settings
11035 Feature Allow all templates preview during their creation and editing
11090 Bug fix .gemspec file
11119 Bug CVE-2015-5152 - API permits HTTP requests when require_ssl is enabled
11122 Bug Already initialized constant exception after service startup
11131 Bug Intermittent Puppet class cache test with timestamps
11171 Bug Select2 does not work with compute profiles
11172 Bug Select2 should be initialized explicitly
11175 Bug organization and location for partition tables (ptable) not returned in json
11187 Bug Taxonomy selectors are empty even for users with assign permissions
11206 Feature Provide a way to list default role permissions for plugins
11219 Bug Cannot set OS default template through hammer CLI
11229 Bug Import classes does not find any new classes
11230 Bug foreman-debug calls rake "plugins" not "plugin:list"
11311 Bug Puppet module tests shouldn't depend on existence of /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
11376 Bug Organization editor does not display the Location tab

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
1510 Feature Send a email after a host build has completed
10167 Feature change default API from v1 to v2
10402 Refactor Need a centralized way to convert values to booleans
10492 Bug validate permission name should be unique and not scoped by resource_type