Next major release of Foreman.

See Foreman_119_Schedule for an overview of the schedule.


Team Marek Iteration 25

about 6 months late (01/02/2018)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
21580 Bug Compute attributes returned from api need to be normalized

Team Ivan backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20891 Bug API hosts/X/facts inconsistent and superfluous hostname hash in results response
21007 Feature Templates API to to mark a build as failed

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
13749 Bug Getting avatar from openldap seems to be broken
15549 Bug 'reports:expire' rake task 'status' parameter documentation doesn't match behaviour
18429 Feature API to configure trends
19775 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Layout/ExtraSpacing
19781 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Layout/LeadingCommentSpace
19789 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Layout/SpaceAroundOperators
19855 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/ConditionalAssignment
19858 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/EmptyMethod
19873 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/MultilineIfModifier
19968 Feature Easy seeding for development environments
20590 Feature Full cloud-init support with ovirt provider
21149 Feature Move fact page pie charts to c3
21657 Bug facets should be deleted when host is deleted
21992 Refactor Replace loader component with patternfly spinner
21997 Bug http_proxy extension not compatible with excon 0.60
22000 Refactor Replace the Button component with patternfly-react Button
22467 Feature Dashboard: Show a list of hosts with an expired token
22473 Refactor Refactor the react app folder structure to group files by domain
22559 Feature Configure foreman to log to system journal
22592 Feature Add a React component for radio buttons
22683 Refactor Refactor the PasswordStrength folder structure to group files by domain
22778 Refactor Allow admin to opt-out from the Brute-force attack protection
22847 Feature Move chart in facts page to react
23142 Feature Issue warning if dependency is missing
23169 Bug Settings is displayed in no particular order
23177 Bug Issue warning when multiple hosts with same MAC are found
23178 Bug Organization becomes invalid when host assigned to location not in organization
23232 Bug Foreman should validate host associations are in the host's taxonomies
23254 Feature Utilize webmock to prevent network connection during tests
23255 Refactor speed up seeds test
23269 Feature Add automatic network selection of ovirt network based on subnet vlanid in foreman webui
23295 Feature Robottelo tests reporting generation
23331 Bug Permission edit_discovered_hosts interfere with edit_hosts
23339 Feature Port robottelo tests for hosts
23346 Refactor Use memory cache store instead file store in tests
23350 Feature Port robottelo tests for Role
23357 Refactor Migrate notification-drawer to use patternfly-react
23364 Feature Add search input to the breadcrumbs switcher
23365 Bug Foreman shows an error if .env doesn't exist when starting in development mode
23376 Bug Unable to seed develop with MariaDB 10.2: No integer type has byte size 10. Use a decimal with scale 0 instead.
23379 Bug Tests randomly fail with unexpected invocation: statuses()
23398 Bug Exception thrown from local dev sever on code modifications
23419 Feature Port robottelo tests for hostgroup
23426 Bug Templates import options should support default flag
23443 Refactor relax pinning of rails-i18n
23467 Bug trends welcome page text should not be limited to puppet facts
23469 Refactor update show_me_the_cookies to 4.x
23474 Refactor update capybara to 3.x
23483 Bug edit Foreman license info so that GitHub recognizes it
23485 Feature Port robottelo tests for interfaces
23486 Bug There are js warnings when a modal (react) opens
23499 Feature Port robottelo tests for filters
23503 Bug Error parsing telemetry setting
23514 Refactor Simplify javascript import paths
23518 Refactor Use puma for Capybara tests
23527 Bug enable breadcrumbs switcher in trends pages
23549 Bug wait_for_ajax doesn't work with axios
23550 Feature Menu items should render as json
23558 Bug npm warning about `elipsis-with-tooltip` peer
23559 Bug Breadcrumbs switcher on trends page doesn't work for predefined trend types
23565 Feature Port robottelo tests for smart variables
23573 Feature Pagelets - add tab extension point for compute resource show page
23577 Feature Allow overriding the path in rake security:generate_token
23586 Feature Port robottelo tests for template
23597 Feature Port robottelo tests for template combination
23598 Refactor Move report metrics chart to c3
23601 Bug Org/Loc Button ordering not the same when moved after window resize
23602 Bug StatisticsHelper is dead code
23605 Feature Port robottelo tests for smart_proxy
23609 Feature Port robottelo tests for classparameters
23615 Bug redirect katello-service
23626 Feature Move PuppetCA autosigning to build queue
23628 Bug BreadcrumbBar actions test is broken
23635 Refactor Optionally load facter
23643 Refactor Stop doing bundle install in Travis builds
23645 Refactor Allow running without a settings file
23646 Refactor Remove storeconfigs support
23666 Bug sd_notify_test may fail with "too long unix socket path (109 bytes given but 108 bytes max)" error
23677 Feature Additional configuration options for foreman-debug
23681 Refactor move auth_source ldap javascript code to webpack
23686 Bug audits are not searchable by type setting
23721 Bug Nightlies javascript does not work
23756 Refactor Improve wait_for_ajax
23768 Feature Fact parser flag keep_subnet to prevent subnet override during fact upload
23769 Bug Inconsistant documentation in --order option in scoped_search for katello and foreman
23775 Refactor Expose random name generator to plugins
23799 Refactor Make PuppetCA pluggable
23800 Refactor Use i18n in foreman exceptions properly
23806 Refactor raise gem dependencies to Rails 5.2 compatible versions
23818 Bug Can't save OpenStack OSP 12 Compute Resource
23826 Bug Model class logger method goes to sql instead app
23828 Bug cannot load such file -- mocha/minitest with mocha 1.3.0
23842 Bug unable to run rake tasks in production
23844 Bug SSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites Supported By Default (SWEET32)
23848 Bug importing templates should would for nested locations
23852 Bug Errors on template preview do not properly escape HTML
23857 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Performance/InefficientHashSearch
23859 Bug Ternary operation with vm_exists? in orchestration compute
23861 Feature Template pxegrub2_chainload issue with UEFI + SuSE
23862 Bug scoped search on audit comment
23875 Refactor Remove login doesn't escalate privileges test
23909 Bug VMware “Could not match network interface” on VM creation
23951 Bug Config group is not working with customer user role. (Failing with Stack level too deep)
23953 Feature Port robottelo tests for settings
23962 Refactor Fix Rubocop: Style/ExpandPathArguments
23976 Bug Hammer doesn't support Quota option for RHEV
24003 Bug remove babel-polyfill from vendor.js
24025 Refactor Pass full_name attribute for settings in API
24026 Refactor Make grub2 default template working with RHEL6

Closed Sprints