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Sprint 19


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3909 Feature compute resources prevent or disassciate host from VM prevent vm deletion
3725 Feature Make default root password more explicit and configurable at install time
3887 Feature Support adding classes to answers file, not just top-level modules
3990 Bug Errors running stdlib validate_* function when it calls another function
3999 Refactor refactor DRY implementation of "nested label" id for hostgroup and loc/org
3553 Feature Puppet class import deletes given environment when environment is missing or empty
4167 Bug Password length verification doesn't work
4270 Bug Improve consistency of setting descriptions

Sprint 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3308 Feature Installer support for Foreman plugins
3465 Bug AVC denials with Foreman 1.3 on RHEL 6
4393 Bug rename ancestry label to title
3876 Bug API find_resource by name finds by ID instead when first character of name is a digit
3307 Feature Provide user friendly information when Console tab doesn't work
2270 Bug Unable to create instances on OpenStack without floating IPs
3912 Feature Add ability for locations / organizations to inherit from a parent location / organization
4015 Bug Cannot provisiong oVirt/RHEV VM from template with finish script
4030 Feature Use librarian-puppet to build installer RPM
4197 Feature Foreman package should handle creation of plugin directories
3939 Feature add option to 'inherit from parent' for hostgroup attributes
4135 Feature Enable extension of menus in top navbar from plugins
4177 Bug Help output randomises the order of modules
4198 Bug api v2 arch does not return operating systems
4222 Feature API support for looking up compute resource networks, clusters, volumes etc
4276 Feature display provisioned space in vSphere datastore selection
3751 Feature Add id='new' to all buttons/links that create new objects
4002 Feature disable locations/organizations on edit domain, subnet, compute_resource, etc. if used
3842 Feature Add subscription-manager snippet
4333 Bug multi-select.js is submitting disable items even if they are unselected
4341 Bug Foreman should provide an explicit empty organization taxonomy fixture for testing
4349 Bug user json missing organizations, locations, and roles
4391 Bug Intermittent test failures on OrganizationsControllerTest "should clone organization with assocations"
4423 Feature Allow puppet classes to be imported by environment
4441 Bug Overriden 'link_to' is protected and breaks expected use pattern

Sprint 21


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4794 Bug filters.js and taxonomy_edit.js are not precompiled
4346 Bug oVirt Compute Resource needs to be updated for rbovirt >0.0.21
4555 Bug Foreman doesn't validate peer certificate when connecting to ovirt
3214 Bug No location / Organization if host added by default from puppet run
2954 Bug Errors in the string extraction in the Welcome page that prevent good translation
4733 Bug make the stacked pills on location organization and puppet class parameters look more like the rest of the application
4443 Bug Auto-completion of organization search fails as sort column is not in result set
4138 Bug Context menu doesn't display all organizations when there are many
4664 Bug Autogenerated OS description for SLES is wrong when more then one architecture is used
2259 Bug trusted_hosts with passenger provides a 500 Internal Error
4804 Bug Sorting organizations by name attempts to sort by label
3988 Bug Expected app/services/foreman/plugin.rb to define Plugin
4256 Feature Column sorting across all of the web interface
4515 Feature Make foreman ready to work with the new bindings
4617 Feature add feature to change parent_id of location or organization
4616 Bug Problems provisioning hosts in EC2 with 1.4.1-2
4486 Bug Cannot search for an organization by name, only label
4123 Feature Add image capability to Libvirt/KVM provider
3827 Feature Support Avatars other than Gravatar
3996 Feature Support to assign both cores and CPUs to VMWare guests
4357 Bug Use of Puppet::Node::Environment.current in template headers breaks on Puppet 3.5/master
4290 Bug User Groups name length does not have a max length in UI
3221 Feature GET /api/hostgroups should return ptable_id and other ids
4201 Bug can't update operating system by label
3163 Bug FQDN/dashboard/help disappears after setup
4537 Bug Unsetting roles via API does not work
3001 Bug host facts do not allow search by id (just by name)
3767 Feature Add "New Host" to Host Menu
4353 Bug relation "roles" does not exist during DB migration
4226 Feature Plugins should be able to compile and provide their own assets in production
1583 Feature Assign roles and filters to usergroups
812 Feature cant assign roles to groups, just to users
3817 Feature As a user I want to set user permissions using API
3803 Feature As a user I'd like to create filters
3805 Feature As a developer I'd like all authorization functions to respect filters
3804 Feature As a developer I'd like to have API to verify permissions and to find resources based on filters
3953 Bug UI: No search bar for usergroups
3806 Feature As a user I'd like to have easy way to migrate existing data to new authorization mechanism
4219 Bug Orgs disabled on domain edit page when in org context
4536 Bug fix cache Rake task: undefined method `[]=' for #<Class:0x000000071ff110>
4539 Bug Minor version is not required to create OS
4553 Bug Editing "miscellaneous" filter triggers: undefined method `pluralize' for nil:NilClass
4557 Bug "Undefined Method" is raised in FiltersHelper#resource_path when resource is defined in a namespaced plugin
4581 Feature Implement available_networks API for VMware
4583 Feature Add environment to rundeck output
4605 Bug users can de-select disabled items in multi-select widget
4618 Bug tooltips to indicated inherited, used, and used are not working in location / organization edit
4625 Bug alert helper ignores close directive
4637 Bug remove search by label from all ancestry objects
4643 Bug Retrieving Optional LDAP attributes fails with "interning empty string" on 1.8.7
4652 Bug error when running tests from ide
4660 Bug Intermittent test failures on test_sparc_host
4661 Bug virsh DHCP provider should store and return the hostname
4682 Bug create a new smart variable for a puppet class doesn't save the relation in the database.
4683 Bug in multi select the filter and select/deselect all are not working
4703 Bug Rails migration fails on Rails 3.2.8 when setting counter caches on has_many :through relationships

Sprint 22


# Tracker Subject Story Points
1902 Bug Smart Parameters aren't audit logged
4324 Bug VMware NIC type incorrectly shows E1000 instead of vmxnet3
4670 Bug incorrect search string on operating systems page
4373 Bug Host fact import methods have been renamed in develop
5084 Bug API v2v - puppetclasses child node for hostgroups#show and hosts#show only shows added puppet classes and no inherited classes from hostgroup.parent or host.hostgroup
5083 Refactor refactor host_edit.js - remove puppetclass selection specific functions to class_edit.js
3863 Bug when fact filters are added to a user, error column reference "id" is ambiguous for fact_values
4895 Bug API should check for the presence of a CSRF token when there is a session user
4710 Bug Problems provisioning hosts in Rackspace with 1.4.1-2
4360 Feature Puppet 3.5.0 progress bar support
4806 Feature add compute resource from a plugin
3914 Feature Need ability to specify a default Organization for a user
3592 Feature Lazily load compute resource VM details through AJAX for performance
2929 Feature Generate CR encryption key during package installation
4204 Feature assignation of multiple hostgroups to a host
4122 Bug pie chart not correctly displaying
2438 Feature Ability to deploy hosts from vmware templates
4462 Feature Add support for PAM authentication via mod_intercept_form_submit
5105 Bug default Setting['remove_classes_not_in_environment'] to true and have class_selection partial show/hide inherited classes from parent based on this setting
4755 Bug cli is slow in development mode with dynamic bindings
4381 Bug Foreman-proxy doesn't update dns after hostname change
1809 Feature Smart-Proxy control of IPA Server
1966 Feature Improve UI errors when smart proxy returns 400 bad request
3946 Bug Non explicit error of Foreman crashes when no domain is setup on the host
4712 Bug Editing organization gives undefined method `parent_taxonomy_selected_location_path'
4659 Feature New command foreman-tail
4863 Feature API V2 - add puppetclasses format style=list and module_name to base.json.rabl
4691 Feature Hosts should be searchable via their management status
4851 Refactor Replace dynamically generated scopes for smart_proxy features with a a parametrized scope
4927 Feature [RFE] foreman-debug should provide a means for plugins to extend what is collected.
4597 Bug cannot disassociate host
4673 Bug Count columns should be sorted in descending order by default
4800 Bug "Description has already been taken" for some new SLES clients
4679 Bug Upper or mixed case hostnames fail as SSL certs are lower case
4731 Bug Creating domain when organization selected produces duplicate key error
4776 Bug Accessing API does not seem to refresh cookie expiration
1804 Bug Class filter in host page does not show inherited class from nested hostgroup
2892 Bug unattended spoof mode only work for an administrator
3549 Bug hostgroups can only be edited by a user with Administrator rights
4884 Bug link to gravatar image in a header have "https:///" instead of "https://"
4960 Bug undefined method `host_classes_path' when editing filter on "host class"
4976 Bug Partition table is not required when creating host with network provisioning
4995 Bug Editing location with "all users" checked fails on edit page in postgres
4996 Bug Failed to create a compute (oVirt) instance VM template.id|name required for add
5019 Feature Allow sudo to be disabled or changed for puppet cert commands
5021 Bug ovirt return 409 conflict errors with no details
5053 Bug Minor bug fixes to realm integration
5071 Bug Foreman-tail can write cannot watch parent directory
5072 Bug Wrong mediapath for FreeBSD/amd64
5077 Feature Allow additional template helpers and variables from plugins
5090 Bug Typo in bookmarks
5113 Bug Sort realms by host count
5120 Bug Unable to migrate with ConstraintException with discovered hosts
5123 Bug Proxy reuses existing leases ignoring DHCP range specified
5137 Bug audited :associated_with labels are "N/A' for models that have a hyphen
5141 Bug User unable to access children taxonomies
5157 Feature Add autosuggest IP button
5172 Bug typo SETTINGS[:location_enabled] instead of 'locations' causes default location select box not to be visible
5173 Feature sortable counters on list of config_groups for number of host, hostgroups and puppetclasses
5180 Bug UsergroupTest.test_0004_hosts should be retrieved from recursive/complex usergroup definitions broken
5200 Bug URLs to search shown in config group index page
5214 Bug Ancestry 2.1.0 dropped Ruby 1.8 support
5222 Bug Log ldap attributes in debug-level logging
5224 Bug Don't update a user with blank LDAP attribute values
5246 Bug Puppet classes on config groups aren't added to host's ENC YAML output
5247 Bug Smart Class parameters cannot be overridden in nested host groups

Sprint 23


# Tracker Subject Story Points
5389 Bug URL doesn't update correctly after creating a new host
4370 Bug RBAC UI - filters list does not show enough detail
5489 Bug Permission migration script can create invalid search conditions
5490 Bug Error creating a new host in 1.5 RC2
5427 Bug Issuing rake tasks for update from 1.4 to 1.5 fails
5038 Bug Foreman/Katello nightlies browser render issue with template editor
5054 Bug Minor bug fixes for Realm FreeIPA Smart Proxy
4422 Feature Implement available_images for oVirt to populate new image form
4280 Feature Policy for foreman_setup
4569 Feature Policy for websockify
4599 Bug Managed interfaces do not create proper DNS records
4287 Bug Template associations on HG & Env is broken
5106 Bug Non-Puppet proxies are shown in new host form Puppet proxy dropdowns
5205 Bug Build PXE default button has broken link
5248 Bug 1.5 RC1 edit host generates undefined method `class_from_string' for Fog:Module error
5258 Bug Can't edit a host, suspect its due to an IPMC/BMC interface
5391 Bug Authorizer test should use testing permission
5398 Bug undefined method `puppet_proxies'
5401 Bug Expanding foreman-debug tar file can munge permissions in /tmp
5443 Bug Keep logs from cron
5444 Feature Host Parameter boolean methods improvements
4278 Feature Policy for foreman_discovery
4277 Feature Policy for foreman_bootdisk
4279 Feature Policy for foreman_hooks
5450 Bug Kickstart Templates Don't Render FreeIPA Snippet correctly
5453 Bug VMware: failed to create vm: undefined method `new' for "VirtualVmxnet3":String
4380 Feature [vSphere] allow selection of guest OS
4374 Feature default_hostgroup: Host fact import methods have been renamed in develop
5470 Bug vm power state is not updating after, new host completion.
5506 Feature Implement v2 search for smart proxies
5522 Bug Future parser not picked up if set in puppet.conf [main]
5540 Bug User filters not migrated when user only has builtin roles
5561 Bug foreman-proxy run puppet over ssh doesn't work
5612 Bug Foreman API v1 & v2 do not display common_parameters for non-admin users