Bug fix release for the Foreman 1.8 series.

Foreman_18_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7533 Bug [ja_JP] Overlapped text in dashboard Host Configuration Chart
8597 Bug Foreman 1.7.0 Issue with partition table names and "/" characters
9594 Bug User groups API does not contain "admin" field on GET requests.
9873 Bug Failed report notifications for hosts owned by group only go to last user listed in group.
10260 Feature Allow interfaces management for unmanaged hosts
10397 Bug [Foreman 1.8]Error retrieving facts from windows node
10535 Bug Tokens are created for managed hosts after validation
10542 Bug autocomplete does not work in editing role filters
10566 Bug Unique interface identifier requirement prevents host from being edited if duplicate identifier exists
10568 Bug Changing family when creating CoreOS doesn't display release
10586 Bug When /users/login is used as ErrorDocument for 401 with status=401, it does not provide that status
10613 Bug VMWare SCSI Controller Selection missing in 1.8.0
10627 Bug Monitor -> Reports will show reports for hosts not in the Organization context
10642 Bug Migration of unmanaged host can fail on primary interface
10646 Bug Cannot build new host when locations hav been enabled and then disabled.
10679 Bug Adding puppet modules from KT causes Foreman to become unusable

Closed Sprints