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Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4841 Bug Package Foreman in its own SCL
8978 Tracker Drop Ruby 1.8 support in hammer
1453 Bug Solaris install fails if Safemode-rendering is enabled
1477 Bug Whenever you switch environment for a host group - the host group looses its puppet classes.
1881 Feature Auto refresh
2267 Feature Need rake task and/or UI button for rebuilding all host tftp config files
2879 Bug long puppet class names truncated in UI, even in tooltip
2943 Feature Make it possible to unset a host's root password
3145 Bug Performance issue editing host with many parameters
3650 Feature Listing possible values of compute attributes
3971 Feature Show a warning when PXE template is edited
4410 Feature Tooltip for puppet parameters
4419 Bug [usability] override parameters UI workflow
4830 Bug Trends with no data should provide a warning message - e.g. No data yet
5733 Bug Puppet class names get shortened
5897 Bug Missing user mail address should not be required for admin updating a user
6882 Bug POST create responses should be 201
7167 Bug Setting names are not translated
7275 Bug Dashboard welcome page should be updated to reflect reality
7567 Refactor fix deprecated find_by_[attribute]_or_create dynamic methods
7840 Bug Smart variables values always shows default in host edit form
8343 Bug API resource_scope ignores options
8521 Bug Host clone should include associated Puppet classes
8979 Feature Package hammer with ruby193 scl
8996 Feature Package hammer against Ruby 1.9
9058 Bug Changing organization/location when creating new host resets interfaces setup
9267 Bug overridded parameter names textfield is too short
9453 Bug Config Groups: Tooltips used for adding/removing classes to a config group could be streamlined
9591 Bug Override puppet configuration on host level does not work if specified on host group
9603 Bug Setting called websockets_encrypt does not work correctly
9654 Bug If taxonomies are seeded, they should be the default orgs
9704 Bug Network label is unchanged on additional network interfaces with VMware templates
9705 Bug Disk sizes specified not used in VMware image provisioning
9815 Bug HostGroup Clone doesn't work if the hostgroup has parameters
9820 Bug API: Hostgroup Clone does not clone parameters
9974 Bug Attempts to open settings.d/foreman_proxy.yml
10106 Refactor Make tests run in parallel
10130 Feature OpenStack Availability Zones should be available
10232 Refactor move validations and casting out of lookup keys and values into single-responsibility classes
10248 Bug When cloning virtual machine from existing machine - Network Interface and Storage details are not propagated.
10259 Bug Template proxy does not lookup by MAC address
10356 Bug POST and PUT should use RABL templates for the response.
10408 Bug Host checkboxes get cleared after action taken
10550 Bug Settings API updates value even if value parameter isn't supplied
10558 Bug Remove and prevent duplicate tokens via DB migration
10731 Feature Allow matches to merge with default values.
10782 Feature Add global status for hosts
10785 Bug Error messages in the log: Binary data inserted for `string` type on column root_pass/grub_pass
10802 Bug relation "users" does not exist present when migrating
10803 Bug NoMethodError: undefined method `constantize' for nil:NilClass throughout db:seed log
10826 Bug Operatingsystem does not enforce 'title' uniquness at database
10832 Refactor Make LookupKey an STI for puppet and variable keys
10897 Feature As a developer I would like KS scripts for Atomic Hosts for both RHEL Atomic / Custom Atomic
10952 Refactor Remove empty test files
10959 Feature Disable gravatar by default
10993 Bug Error adding Windows host
10997 Refactor Update fog to 1.33.0
11004 Bug fact distribution graphs do not change mouse icon on hover
11006 Bug fact distribution chart does not show highest precentage number in center
11009 Feature update 500 error page to include instruction using foreman-debug
11010 Refactor partition tables edit view contain too many tabs
11011 Feature clear alerts on page refresh
11012 Bug incosistent UI in configure -> Puppet
11013 Bug compute resource vms, autosign and certs table do not include all table properties
11025 Bug Test runner isn't run when using the Jenkins test tasks
11034 Bug network/interfaces validation checks the removed interfaces
11056 Bug Unit test suite does not pass if oauth settings are set in settings.yaml
11062 Bug Two pane AJAX submit does not work
11078 Refactor Substitute find_all_by by where to comply with Rails 4
11089 Bug Adapt tests to Rails 4
11098 Bug undefined method `values' for #<Array:..> error on startup on EL6
11103 Bug TFTP unit tests fails when configuration was changed
11120 Bug MigrateWebsocketsSetting fails with ReadOnlyRecord when websockets_encrypt is in settings.yaml
11121 Bug websockets_encrypt validation fails with settings.yaml on empty DB
11130 Refactor Calling set_table_name is deprecated
11150 Feature Allow searching of facts as types other than string
11168 Bug Provisioning templates form not shown on correct tabs
11174 Feature Don't show password placeholder when empty
11188 Bug on deleting a capsule: Operation FAILED: ERROR: update or delete on table "smart_proxies" violates foreign key constraint "hosts_puppet_ca_proxy_id_fk" on table "hosts"
11216 Refactor Change rails default error messages to use the rails-i18n gem
11237 Feature Document association of compute profiles to host groups
11240 Feature Document root_pass parameter on hostgroups API
11242 Bug os_default_templates route under provisioning template shows no OS details
11250 Feature Remove uniqueness check from network address validator in subnet.rb
11255 Bug Cloning host with host group throws error: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
11274 Bug Unable to get resource pool when cluster is nested in intermediate folder under Datacenter
11275 Bug hammer ... list --search with spaces in arg fails on SCL OS
11282 Bug search on numeric facts is broken if using "~".
11283 Bug Template form does not work with template which does not define operatingsystem association
11284 Bug Unable to unset websockets_ssl_key when websockets_encrypt is on
11303 Bug Filter management with hamemr seems to be missing means of associating resource type
11318 Bug HttpDownloads.start_download should have returned CommandTask object
11323 Refactor Refactor PID writing, interrupt trap and daemon logging
11341 Refactor Update fog to 1.34.0
11345 Bug API Get available_clusters send empty hash
11371 Bug Smart variables are not truncated in host edit form
11372 Refactor Formalize assets names
11374 Bug Can't change key type when creating a smart variable
11385 Bug There is no way to manage network interfaces of compute profiles with libvirt if there is no libvirt network
11387 Bug LDAP Account password cannot be empty after edit
11388 Bug Info box too small, almost always has scroll bar
11401 Bug Auth sources need do define scoped search on name
11413 Bug When running rake tasks, SQL logging messages overflow the output
11415 Bug ENC fails with undefined method `value' for #<LookupKey ..>
11425 Bug add a real primary key to host and hostgroup for lookup_values has_many
11426 Bug puppet class edit should not allow to remove class paramteres
11427 Bug puppetclass edit text under Optional input validator should be an alert
11432 Bug cannot copy text from locked templates
11437 Bug "Can't modify frozen Array" error on frozen arrays in select list
11440 Bug Network bonding is not working properly when provisioning CenOS/RHEL servers because the default gateway is not set.
11449 Refactor Don't use therubyracer anymore
11450 Bug Hidden parameters do not un-hide when unchecking the hide checkbox
11451 Feature Bookmark searches should only need to be unique within their controller
11461 Refactor In host/hostgroup parameters form, "Global scope" column tells nothing for global parameters, remove it
11462 Refactor In host/hostgroup parameters form, "more info" text is unneccesary
11466 Bug fullscreen buttons should be have consistent layout throughout the application
11467 Bug In host/hostgroup parameters form, resizing textareas should only allow vertical resizing
11468 Bug In host/hostgroup parameters form, global parameters should be clearly separated from class parameters
11560 Bug foreman-debug to skip USER_AVC SELinux audit "denials"
11570 Bug Smart class parameter overrides not removed on host deletion
11571 Bug lookup_value_matcher not populated on hosts table in DB migration
11581 Bug Headings are not extracted in the selected hosts modal
11596 Bug Error generating IP: Not Found shoud not be in the IP field
11599 Bug Parsing environments/manifests in Puppet 4 fails
11610 Bug db migration extremly slow
11630 Bug Resolution of #11385 breaks the vmware integration
11649 Bug org list doesn't show the updated description
11653 Bug stdout warning about use of "SYSLOG" logger on every startup
11654 Bug Error logged: Unable to overwrite interrupt trap: undefined method `version' for nil:NilClass
11655 Bug DNS configuration for smart proxy split into per-provider configs
11665 Bug mail subscriptions can't be removed
11676 Feature Proxy cannot be configured with remote DHCP server
11677 Bug foreman-debug: netstat to print also ESTABLISHED connections
11681 Bug foreman, candlepin, gutterball databases use default encoding vs explicit UTF8
11683 Bug Spinner in puppet class parameters spinning indefinitely on hostgroup creation
11688 Bug Syntax highlighting defaults to text when editing provisioning templates
11689 Bug Hidden value checkbox on global parameter form doesn't replace editor
11692 Refactor Update ace-rails-ap to 4.x
11693 Bug Smart class parameters API still has destroy action
11696 Refactor Remove dead validation code for checking uniqueness of interface and primary interface attributes
11704 Bug Configuration no report appears as "green" icon
11707 Bug Unmanaged host detail status table is broken
11709 Refactor Improve DNS conflict timeout handling
11738 Bug Hosts > Provisioning Templates > [select a template] > Associations has a string without ending punctuation
11745 Bug page fails to load properly after editing a template
11761 Bug Cloning of hostgroup redirects to host creation
11763 Bug Host API does not return all parameters (e.g. from locations, et al.)
11764 Bug Taxonomy parameters cannot be accessed through API
11766 Feature As a user, I expect subscription facts to live alongside puppet facts.
11767 Bug Templates are not being resolved in the host form
11771 Bug Saving host without particular status fails
11776 Bug assignment of default org and location to new hosts makes org/location invalid
11781 Feature Add smart-proxy 1.10 configuration options
11782 Bug Puppet override with invalid hash array doesn't give error
11783 Feature Basic ruby 2.0 support on Windows OS
11791 Bug N+1 query on hosts#index retrieving puppet_proxy
11812 Bug Remove whiny nils and add eager load
11813 Bug Use new engines listing syntax
11814 Bug model_name needs to be stringified on Rails 4
11816 Bug Remove whitelist_attributes as it's deprecated
11817 Bug Do not allow multi-line URL validations
11818 Bug Update match routes to GET
11833 Bug Remove references to puppet from configuration status
11835 Bug db migration fail on report status
11844 Bug Remove duplicate distinct scope in FactValue
11845 Bug Hiding and then unhiding a parameter value breaks on host[group] parameters
11846 Bug Specify join_table and foreign keys for habtm associations
11847 Bug Override of global parameter on host form creates empty name/value row
11848 Bug Columns not aligned in host edit, under global host parameters
11850 Bug DNS error message assumes two nameservers
11851 Bug LookupKey deprecation warning on overriding of ActiveRecord::Base.inherited
11858 Refactor host_inherited_params logic to get ancestry parameters is duplicated
11859 Bug CVE-2015-5282 - Parameter hide/show checkbox allows stored XSS during textbox change
11861 Bug Smart variables can't be removed from puppet class
11863 Bug Rewrite except_hidden user scope for Rails 4 compatibility
11866 Refactor Replace linear searches in various lookups in DHCP module with constant-time lookups.
11881 Bug Searching for 'puppet' in Puppet Classes takes long
11883 Bug Host group clone doesn't show parameters from config groups
11885 Bug Viewing host group clone form deletes smart class parameter overrides
11893 Bug Test connection string isn't extracted in compute resource vmware form
11908 Bug Unable to cancel "request is being processed" window when editing a host
11912 Bug Remove deprecated assert_present assert_blank
11944 Feature armv7/8 support (Debian/Ubuntu)
11949 Bug In new user form, password's placeholder should be empty
11964 Bug Parameter override button visible for overridden parameters on host/group clone
11972 Feature Implement regex for option ignore_puppet_facts_for_provisioning
11990 Bug app/services/fact_parser.rb does not return all the virtual interfaces
11996 Bug fact_values API with non-admin user and search on host.hostgroup throws SQL error
11997 Bug DHCP option tftp-server-name for Cisco NX-OS should be quoted
12005 Bug Host selector in template preview mode is not aligned properly
12012 Bug smart proxy attempts to load puppet module's dependencies when the module is disabled
12013 Bug Cannot provision host because MAC address is supposedly taken
12034 Bug Validation of unique MAC can result in false positive
12055 Bug Detail line in NICs table shows wrong information when a new NIC is added
12067 Refactor Delegated methods need to be public, not protected
12071 Bug Changing a compute resource does not refresh detail lines in the NICs table
12078 Bug 'List' validation for Smart Class params should work for any string coercible value
12082 Bug rails 4 compatibility - orchestration_test defines a module multiple times in rails 4
12118 Bug AssociationAuthorizer should ask model for alternative permission names
12131 Bug Long strings breaks Report UI detail page
12132 Bug API host's all parameters should also display host's parameters
12157 Bug When not specified, the default --capsule-dns-provider is wrong
12162 Bug sorting on operating system in host list is incorrect
12178 Bug Smart Proxy Plugins do not handle rc versions well
12185 Bug Inconsistent Host Creation
12194 Bug Can't search for multiple facts in foreman 1.10.0-RC1
12201 Bug GET /api/hosts/:host_id/audits error
12230 Bug rubygem-rdoc-3.12-12.el6.x86_64.rpm signed with revoked key
12254 Bug Pin addressable for Ruby 1.8 compatibility
12280 Bug Field helper does not display label
12342 Bug Puppet classes disapear when changing environment after cloning hostgroup
12343 Bug puppet class overrides not working as expected
12418 Bug Grey boxes missing from dashboard widgets after gridster update
12424 Bug Text in chart legends is centred instead of left-aligned
12431 Bug tins 1.7.0 requires Ruby 2.0 or higher
12449 Bug Keytab not configured via dns_tsig_keytab for DNS GSS-TSIG support
12458 Bug Facts search vulnerable to SQL injection
12461 Bug Compute profiles are not applied when inherited
12465 Bug ISC DHCP proxy fails to parse deleted entires
12509 Bug UPG from Katello 2.3.1 to 2.4RC2: Dependency errors for ruby193-rubygem-fog-{softlayer,sakuracloud,radosgw,brightbox}
12611 Bug CVE-2015-7518 - Smart class parameters/variables shown on host edit allows stored XSS in description
12618 Bug Compute profile overrides compute attributes provided in host form
12659 Bug Value cannot be overridden by unpressing the "inherit" button
12660 Bug host parameter textarea missing no-stretch class
12744 Bug Activating jsonp crashes Application
12775 Bug Commenting out dhcp_vendor causes cryptic error message
12793 Bug organzation and location not saved for hostgroup
12794 Bug Environment in host isn't saved

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
7008 Feature Add providers to existing proxy modules from a plugin/module
11625 Refactor Make foreman ace editor reusable