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Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
3157 Tracker Rails 4.1 upgrade tasks
7229 Tracker Support installation on Fedora 21, drop Fedora 19
7230 Feature Upgrade Ruby on Rails to 4.1
6342 Bug Compute profile should be used when empty volumes and interfaces passed in compute_attributes
4151 Feature Add STI to reports and allow for registering new report types
1584 Feature Add the ability to change ownership on a set of hosts.
2445 Feature Add OS image for AIX
3951 Bug Reverting a template to previous version is broken
4133 Bug Testing a connection for compute resources do not provide positive feedback
5510 Bug Set network as first boot device for VMs in VMware compute resources
6241 Bug Models allow invalid proxy associations
4629 Feature Add Patternfly support in foreman
7192 Feature Allow compute resources to have spaces in the name
7231 Feature Build all packages on F21
7463 Feature Support for bridge devices
7568 Bug Use attr_accessible for rails 4 upgrade
7228 Feature Rebuild packages under ror41/ruby22 SCLs
8055 Bug missing stylesheets in apidoc
8295 Feature Vcenter - Memory/CPU Hotplug
8389 Bug foreman-installer does not start foreman-proxy with mixed-case hostnames
8705 Refactor Update jQuery to recent version
8799 Bug On host edit page, overriding inherited parameters removes override button.
8800 Bug Table cells should clip with tooltip only if text actually overflows
8801 Bug auto completer can generate page scroll
8874 Bug gettext 3.1.13+ causes locale tx-update errors due to .edit.po files
8946 Bug Exception thrown when foreman-proxy restarts with SIGTERM
9553 Refactor remove dump_in_quirks_mode
9822 Feature Support Puppet 4 / future parser across all modules
9981 Bug Smart variable doesn't show error on new variable
10019 Bug Compute Profile Memory options different for selected language?
10369 Feature As a developer, I want add support for installer extensions (plugins) that support scenarios 1.0
10378 Bug smart-proxy service doesn't start on windows
10649 Feature Provide a method to test email settings
10662 Bug Foreman apidoc index shows mixed language translations
10889 Feature [vSphere] Allow selection of resource pool
10932 Bug Bridges should not be matched based on mac address during fact imports
10988 Refactor Remove 1.11 deprecations
11016 Bug missing gem in test.rb under ruby 2.2.0
11059 Refactor Delete lib/regexp_extensions.rb
11081 Refactor Move DHCP providers to plugin-capable layout
11307 Feature Show number of hosts in Host Group overview
11309 Feature Ability to open bulk action on hosts in as a new page instead of always having to use the modal window
11444 Bug Domains page shows negative number of hosts
11458 Refactor Allow overriding parameters inline in host & hostgroup forms
11460 Refactor Host/Hostgroup parameters should have a clean layout
11464 Refactor In hostgroup parameters form, parent parameters should look like host inherited parameters
11618 Refactor Replace validation tests by shoulda-matchers
11631 Bug email reports do not contain a link to foreman
11643 Feature Allow through API methods to render templates without configuring a host in build mode
11652 Bug Foreman installer sets Apache2 SSLCACertificatePath to system Trust Store
11924 Bug Substitute .scoped by .where(nil) to force return relation
11965 Bug Host group w/config group clone reports four "can't be blank" validation errors for name
11986 Bug Specify PUT method on form_for tags to
11987 Bug Bash command used for running provisioning script via SSH is masking scripts's exit code
12011 Bug Replace .includes(table).where(table) by .eager_load
12021 Bug Use .to_param to find parent object in LookupKeys controller
12043 Feature Need a way to suggest whether we can use background processing for facts import
12059 Bug AuthSource allow_nil for hosts should be removed
12068 Bug Prepend puppetclass or variable to lookup_key_id
12079 Bug New User does not save on empty password, no validation error message
12096 Bug Change in alignment of parameters list in puppet class parameters tab of puppet class after checking and unchecking override check box.
12098 Refactor Dangling Fog.unmock! makes compute_resource_vms fail
12099 Refactor Template locked? relying on rake makes tests fail
12104 Bug Dropdown menu outside of table cell on All Hosts list
12109 Bug rails 4 compatibility - user_role validation fix
12120 Bug 'ptables' table should be dropped
12127 Feature Foreman should verify x509 subject alternative names when authenticating a smart proxy
12135 Refactor Change foreman-proxy deb to use systemd unit
12138 Bug Failure to run smart-proxy from another package that has it as a dependency
12146 Bug core gem dependencies are defined in both Gemfile and gemspec files.
12147 Refactor move rails3 compatible changes from the rails4 branch to develop
12152 Feature support for running of smart-proxy under ruby 2.2
12179 Refactor String extraction in host_inherited_params is wrong
12180 Refactor Move lookup_value presence validation to PuppetclassLookupKey
12204 Bug Interface edit form should have helptext in popovers.
12209 Feature Introduce support for dependency injection in dns module
12211 Feature Improve DHCP subnets parsing to get more informations from DHCP server
12212 Feature Import addtitionnal informations from DHCP smart proxy
12215 Bug Debian package build is failing with "`ruby_22` is not a valid platform."
12217 Bug `ruby_21` is not a valid platform` with older versions of Bundler
12219 Bug Test failures on Ruby 2.2
12222 Bug Smart Class Parameters: The minimum height of Expandable Text Box hides the text in it.
12231 Bug Creating smart variable with period or special character makes smart variable not to view, edit and delete.
12245 Bug Nic::Bootable should be removed
12252 Refactor refactor long line in templates form
12278 Bug Foreman fails when creating a role if default user has 2 or more filters with same permission
12303 Bug Partition tables _form Note's url directs to provisioning templates.
12311 Refactor Refactor rack openid middleware initialization to be both rails3 & 4 compatible
12328 Bug Host STI does not work in engine initializers
12333 Feature Add search capabilities to bookmarks
12344 Refactor Use Rails 4 update_all syntax migrations
12370 Feature Provide TTIN trap for stacktrace log output
12380 Bug Two-pane view of role filters has no pagination controls
12393 Bug Overriding the parameter default value doent adds 1 to the 'Number of Values' count.
12396 Feature Realm snippet not expanded when previewing provisioning template
12404 Bug rake console doesn't work on rails 4.1
12432 Bug User edit roles tab, no roles found for admin user
12436 Feature As a user I want to deploy vSphere vms on a storage pods
12441 Bug Duplicate entries in `nics` table
12457 Refactor Use .exists? to check subnet exists for Rails 4 compatibility
12466 Bug Parsing subnets for ISC DHCP fails
12477 Bug Duplicate ALT Linux icon with same file name
12491 Bug Foreman prerm deletes local_secret_token on upgrade
12494 Refactor Update fog to 1.36.0
12506 Feature Show the version of proxies in About
12508 Bug Test email should not be subscriptable
12512 Bug net-ssh/scp dependencies are missing when Fog group not installed
12514 Bug centosGuest and centos64Guest" strings outdated
12523 Bug Openstack doesn't work with fog 1.36
12530 Feature Upgrade rubocop to 0.35.1
12546 Bug "Gem loading error: cannot load such file -- smart_proxy" on startup under bundler_ext
12554 Bug Operating System description is shown in name column
12568 Feature /version should also return modules versions
12572 Bug Smart-Proxy includes RC4 in ciphersuites
12573 Bug Smart-Proxy supports TLSv1
12574 Bug Upgrade rubocop to 0.35.1
12576 Bug Logjam - doesn't allow custom DHE groups
12577 Bug Smart variable with space in its name allowed to create. Actually It should not.
12594 Bug vSphere: resource pools are not updated when cluster is changed in the gui for new hosts
12597 Bug Smart Proxy DNS tests have an extra method definition that is upsetting rubocop
12609 Bug Boolean parameter overrides are not displayed correctly on host form
12612 Refactor Update fog to 1.37.0
12615 Bug Bundler pack could not find compatible versions for gem "tins" on 1.9
12617 Refactor Refactor host's cloning mechanism to a pluggable concern
12621 Bug Excessive TemplateKind DB queries when retrieving API docs
12624 Feature add provision method from a plugin
12630 Feature Facets - Add facet declaration
12637 Bug Improve DHCP lease unit test
12642 Bug Inline class parameter override shown in Ruby hash syntax
12666 Bug Mass assignment should be allowed for locked attribute of template
12671 Feature Move Ubuntu 14.04 Foreman package to Ruby 2.0.0
12676 Bug Filter.rb contains two attr_accessible declarations
12677 Refactor Nic::Interface contains attr_accesible when it should be on Base
12691 Bug Small Rails 4 backwards compatible changes
12698 Bug Insufficient URL validation for smart proxy and medium
12714 Feature As a user I would like to know if the proxy is up and running
12715 Feature As a user I would like to know if the Proxy's available plugins are up and running and if they are not running why they did not load
12716 Feature As a foreman developer I'd like to have way of extending the data returned from smart proxy api.
12718 Feature As a user I would like to receive proxy log data: proxy initialization, proxy loading errors, plugin initialization, plugin initialization errors
12720 Feature As a User I would like to get puppet related data of the smart proxy
12728 Bug Report should have host_id, reported_at, status and metrics attr_accessible
12745 Feature Integrate Foreman_Memcache to Foreman-Installer
12748 Bug Puppet classes edit page, Smart Variables tab "Add variable" button is wrong colour
12752 Bug Host and hostgroup clone doesn't copy smart class parameters overrides
12754 Feature Print the required permission on 403 page
12799 Bug Creating new compute resource fails with "Can't mass-assign protected attributes: uuid"
12806 Bug merge_default missing from attr_accessible in lookup_key.rb
12828 Bug Hidden value checkbox disabled after override button is checked
12830 Feature Support rebooting hosts when setting multiple hosts to build
12843 Bug The matcher value is not hidden while creating matcher.
12860 Refactor new_child_fields_template should move from LookupKeyHelper to LayoutHelper
12870 Bug FactName 'compose' should be an attr_accessible
12873 Feature Update Rails to 4.1.latest
12876 Bug Foreman build can't find bundler 1.3 or higher on Wheezy/Precise
12884 Bug Import subnets from smart proxy fails with "Can't mass-assign protected attributes for Subnet: dhcp"
12886 Bug foreman-tasks systemd unit file shouldn't be executable
12891 Bug search_by_params for host returns all hosts
12892 Refactor move rails binaries to /bin directory
12893 Bug already initialized constant warnings
12911 Refactor Enable rubocop 0.35.1 cops
12914 Refactor update rails configuration files to match to 4.1 syntax
12915 Bug Some SCL packages require non-SCL ruby
12919 Bug update operating system API can't mass assign provisioning_template_ids
12920 Bug operating system API does not accept OS parameters
12931 Bug not seeing parameters in nested locations
12934 Bug Unhiding paramter values clears their value
12937 Bug Hiding parameters doesn't work on anything except host and hostgroup
12947 Refactor change puppetclass_lookup_key factory to use puppetclass_lookup_key_id
12949 Bug In Openstack, external networks should be allowed to be selected for the main network of an instance
12952 Bug db migration failure: foreign key constraint "smart_proxies_content_host_id_fk
12956 Bug Ajax calls in host/hostgroup aren't running correctly because they use 'patch'
12957 Refactor current_parameters in hostgroup is not needed
12958 Bug calling update_form on hostgroup form attempts to access update_capabilities function which only works for host
12963 Bug after adding a smart proxy, the status icons in the list view don't update
12964 Bug Smart proxy show features page does not correctly display version for proxy <1.11
12969 Bug Package font-awesome-sass for Patternfly
12970 Bug Package patternfly-sass
12977 Bug sprockets-rails 2.2.2 or higher is needed for production assets setup
12978 Bug foreman-debug -m 0 to collect all files
12988 Bug ssh-generate-keys option does not work
12996 Bug Tests with errors after removing a plugin
13005 Bug Plugin CSS assets are not minified during precompilation
13028 Bug foreman-proxy has error "Couldn't enable plugin dhcp_isc" on every restart
13033 Bug plugin:gettext rake task doesn't load with gettext_i18n_rails_js 1.x
13039 Refactor Remove DB queries from class of UnattendedController
13042 Bug TFTP proxy should create dirs for ZTP and POAP config files
13050 Bug Do not pass paths with /assets to helpers
13054 Refactor Proxy actions buttons not consistent
13065 Bug "Learn more about this on the documentation" should be "in the documentation"
13066 Bug Body text on help pages is centered, but should be left aligned
13067 Bug Headings and entries in top-level and dropdown menus misaligned
13068 Bug "Generated on" dashboard text has no padding against button
13069 Bug Icons within documentation buttons are not centred vertically
13070 Bug Inconsistent "actions" column on various pages
13074 Bug sprockets-rails dependency should not be in assets.rb only
13075 Bug Missing padding between host#show status icon and caption
13076 Bug host#show tab headings font size is larger than surrounding text and headings
13077 Bug Reports day selection dropdown menu is too narrow on host#show page
13079 Feature As a foreman developer I'd like my pagelets being displayed conditionally
13083 Bug Error page alert box should not be dismissible
13084 Bug undefined method `find_by_ip' during validation of IP retrieved from compute resource
13090 Bug Misalignments on Puppet class edit form
13095 Bug Center Pattternfly alerts icon
13097 Bug Vertically center select2 option text
13098 Bug plugin assets fail to precompile with TypeError: couldn't digest ActiveSupport::StringInquirer
13107 Bug Compute attributes are stored without indifferent access
13110 Bug Plugin sprockets/registration initializer deprecation warning missing initializer name
13111 Bug Intermittent host#edit parameter integration test failures
13113 Feature In the Web interface, when editing the Role's Filter, they are no information about the roles
13115 Feature Add locations to proxy index page
13124 Refactor use patternfly icons for status
13126 Bug Smart Variable matcher breaks up into 2 lines
13131 Bug plugin skip tests not working after rails 4 migration
13136 Bug Children fields are not aligned
13144 Feature Enable assets.raise_runtime_errors in test environment
13146 Refactor remove table-condensed class
13157 Bug Left padding on status icons is too much on host index and show pages
13160 Bug Pagelet tab headings are not translated
13168 Bug Rendering of kickstart_networking_setup fails: undefined method 'each' for Safemode::Jail (ActiveRecord::AssociationRelation)
13171 Bug Plugins with /public/assets prevent Rails starting in development environment
13177 Refactor Extend ProxyStatus to have children classes
13180 Bug "ignoring attempt to close tbody with table" warning in hosts controller tests
13216 Feature Add API extensions for facets
13230 Bug Oauth headers are no longer working with rails 4
13232 Bug "ACK" button text on orchestration overwrite window should be clearer
13235 Refactor content_for block in application layout should be extracted into a partial
13236 Feature Apply power operations to several hosts at once
13245 Bug Apipie json returns duplicated methods
13255 Bug smart proxy status might not display correctly
13256 Bug Revert i18n pin, allow 0.7.x
13257 Bug Cannot create nested Locations via CLI
13258 Refactor Use patternfly icons for parameters
13265 Bug 'Any Context' menu permissions
13269 Bug HTML validation errors on the new Smart Proxy detail page
13272 Bug Basic edit test can fail when fixtures don't exist for a particular model
13279 Bug Adapt alerts to Patternfly
13292 Bug replace the practically invisible progress bar with a spinner
13294 Bug generate_links_for helper method should have quotes on search parameter
13296 Bug "Ignoring mysql2-0.3.19 because its extensions are not built." with tfm-rubygem-mysql2
13298 Bug Fails installation if /tmp is mounted noexec
13307 Refactor Add ids to enable easier jquery selection.
13309 Refactor Change tests to support theme overrides.
13311 Bug More "Learn more about this on the documentation" should be "in the documentation"
13340 Feature Seed Fedora Atomic installation media
13343 Bug Compute resource network modal is misaligned
13348 Feature Allow searching of all hosts attached to a certain smart proxy
13352 Bug Dashboard widget rows are loaded in reverse order
13353 Bug Cannot move dashboard widgets to far right columns
13354 Bug unable to show puppet certificates lists when there are pending certificates
13355 Bug facet_test table missing causes test failures in plugins
13356 Bug OpenStack volumes API v2 needs :name
13370 Bug puppet certificate fingerprint is not shown correctly
13378 Bug Two error messages for too long name on location or organization creation
13379 Bug Build mode does reset the "last report" field
13386 Bug /api/v2/locations does not return parameters
13404 Bug Markup on proxy show page breaks tabs
13405 Bug Passenger doesn't start with missing PassengerRoot setting under pl-apache 1.8.0 on EL
13409 Refactor Remove maintain_test_schema! Rails initializer
13411 Feature When deleting a hostgroup, Foreman should confirm the name
13417 Feature Wrap Facet registration in plugin API
13421 Bug [smart-proxy] provider dnscmd: create record in sub domain broken - DNS_ERROR_ZONE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
13426 Bug Change status colors to adapt to Patternfly palette
13427 Bug Progname not defined for SYSLOG logger
13428 Bug Temporarily thin flot_pie width to make it look like Patternfly
13440 Refactor Replace Host::Base#model_name to prevent Rails 4.2 conflict
13444 Bug Empty properties shouldn't be shown when viewing a host
13494 Feature Change puppet proxy for several hosts at once
13519 Feature Inconsistent naming in search and output when searching on smart class parameters
13533 Bug patternfly-sass 2.10.0 raises error: File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap-combobox
13554 Bug Setting releated to taxonomies shouldn't be shown if they are disabled
13557 Bug Enforce specifying a time zone via Rubocop
13567 Bug locale:pack failure in facets/managed_host_extensions.rb
13574 Bug Plugins with Setting subclasses raise super: no superclass method `load_defaults' error
13584 Feature Rename 'DNS Proxy' in subnet tap to 'Reverse DNS Proxy'
13594 Bug rubocop failing with undefined method `[]' for nil:Nilclass
13600 Bug Templates module not marked as failed when foreman_url is missing
13637 Feature Upgrade to rubocop 0.37.1
13638 Refactor Enable rubocop 0.37.1 cops
13639 Feature show permissions for hosts as part of show api
13647 Feature Change puppet ca for several hosts at once
13664 Bug Error 500 when a host informs the foreman it is built but foreman can not send mails
13697 Refactor Remove json gem
13701 Bug Sync with foreman .gitignore for custom bundler files
13709 Bug template editing dropdowns are cut in full screen mode
13710 Bug apipie:cache fails with Missing template ../../layouts/apipie/apipie
13711 Bug Can't create new subnet with domain
13721 Feature Some settings should dispaly a drop down list where possiable.
13726 Bug pending puppet certificates can't be removed
13729 Bug Invalid closing "th" HTML tag on images list
13730 Bug wrong closing tag for puppet env table tfoot
13755 Bug Allow iterating over ActiveRecord CollectionProxy in safe mode rendering
13804 Bug apipie:cache fails with :"en-GB" is not a valid locale
13817 Bug ENC smart proxy validation fails
13841 Bug Smart Proxy DNS nsupdate GSS fails
13883 Refactor Host::Managed.last_report_object association uses deprecated :order parameter
13899 Bug Failed to update Smart Class Parameter type from API and CLI.
13920 Bug Unable to view config reports in forman 1.11 rc1 as non admin user
13948 Bug ruby-libvirt error messages constantly displayed when using foreman-rake or hammer
13960 Bug Can't specify content type with --content-type flag when creating a repo
13964 Bug Installer scenario answers files not picked up foreman-debug
13977 Bug Upgrade rails to
14012 Bug Errors on hosts status, configuration status is out of sync
14028 Bug Routing errors due to missing graphics/fonts on navigating smart-proxy page
14042 Bug Foreman proxy URL missing from post-install hook output
14051 Bug image-based provisioning via vmware fails on `wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)`
14071 Bug Missing host_edit_interfaces.js in taxonomy edit page
14154 Bug Report show page errors to 500 if host clock is adrift
14170 Bug Can't add new compute resource for GCE - 1.11.0-0.1.RC2.el7
14179 Bug Interface/NIC compute attributes in API host creation overwritten with compute profile attributes
14267 Bug Host creation error
14344 Bug Rackspace CR can't be created, region is protected attribute

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6007 Feature Add hide/show value to smart class params
7537 Feature Add a "test" button to test LDAP connections

Hammer CLI - hammer-cli 0.6.1

# Tracker Subject Story Points
13966 Bug Host creation error: ApipieBindings::InvalidArgumentTypesError: host[interfaces_attributes][0] - Hash was expected