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04:50 PM Foreman Feature #1459: iPXE support
I don't see this as a viable option for our current setup, which includes more than 700 machines with static ip addre...


05:30 PM Foreman Feature #1459: iPXE support
Sorry for not mentioning that, DHCP is configured to assign ip addresses only to PXE booting machines and the smart p...
07:20 AM Foreman Feature #1459 (New): iPXE support
Hello everyone,
I'm using iPXE to boot my servers right now and I didn't find other way to actually get the i/gP...


01:29 PM Foreman Bug #1456 (Closed): Changing admin username ?
I've recently set up foreman and while playing with it, I added LDAP authentication and changed the admin use...

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