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20384ForemanBugNewNormalInitial db:seed failsGuido Günther07/21/2017 06:41 PMrake tasks
20383DiscoveryBugNewNormalRefresh facts breaks kexec factLukas Zapletal07/21/2017 11:22 AMImage
20382PackagingBugNewNormalCandlepin Version requirements are not enforced by rpmsLeah Fisher07/21/2017 11:12 AM
20381DiscoveryBugReady For TestingNormalLog kexec JSON sent to discovered hostLukas ZapletalLukas Zapletal07/21/2017 11:21 AMDiscovery plugin
20380foreman-tasksBugReady For TestingNormalArgument errors on persistence errorsIvan NecasIvan Necas07/21/2017 10:38 AMForeman - Team Ivan Iteration 18
20379KatelloBugNewNormalcopy activation key: name field looses focusEvgeni GolovThomas McKay07/21/2017 08:01 AMActivation Key
20378ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalforeman is not able to identify agent environment in puppet 5 and sets it to the defaultElisiano Petrini07/21/2017 06:57 AMFacts
20377Foreman Remote ExecutionBugReady For TestingNormalProvide features required by async-ssh in smart_proxy_dynflow_coreAdam RuzickaAdam Ruzicka07/21/2017 09:45 AMSmart Proxy DynflowForeman - Team Ivan Iteration 18
20376foreman-tasksBugReady For TestingNormalProvide features required by async-ssh in foreman-tasks-coreAdam RuzickaAdam Ruzicka07/21/2017 10:35 AMProxy pluginForeman - Team Ivan Iteration 18
20375foreman-tasksBugNewNormalCancelled delayed plans are not picked up by cleaner rake task when using AFTERAdam Ruzicka07/21/2017 05:45 AMForeman pluginForeman - Team Ivan backlog
20374ForemanBugNewNormalImage templates don't resolve any more during host creationJoop van de Wege07/21/2017 07:53 AMTemplates
20372Smart ProxySupportNewNormaldns_route53 not working.Yuri Gindin07/20/2017 08:33 PMDNS
20371Smart ProxyFeatureReady For TestingNormalSupport SSHFP dns recordsGuido GüntherGuido Günther07/21/2017 02:33 PM
20368BastionFeatureReady For TestingNormalProvide a parameter to control initial loading of nutupane tablesSamir JhaSamir Jha07/20/2017 12:18 PMNutupaneKatello - Team Brad - Iteration 18
20367KatelloSupportNewNormalInvalid smart-proxy names presentKent Knudsen07/20/2017 10:56 AM
20365ForemanBugNewNormalec2 key pair recreation does not workTimo Goebel07/20/2017 08:46 AMCompute resources - EC2
20364ForemanBugNewNormalInclusion of 'hostgroups' in compliance policy API requestHimanshu Prakash07/20/2017 08:02 AM
20363OpenSCAPBugNewNormalMore mem leaks on smart_proxy_openscapMarek Hulán07/20/2017 10:30 AMForeman - Team Marek Iteration 18
20362Foreman Remote ExecutionBugNewNormalProcessing outputs of remote command on the smart-proxy is slow.Adam Ruzicka07/20/2017 07:03 AMSmart Proxy DynflowForeman - Team Ivan backlog
20361ForemanBugNewNormalShip foreman-bootloaders packages in 1.15Lukas Zapletal07/20/2017 05:06 AMPackaging
20360DiscoveryRefactorNewNormalShow full name settings in CLILukas ZapletalOri Rabin07/20/2017 05:02 AMHammer CLI
20359InstallerBugNewNormalInstaller sets :threads: null in /etc/puppet/foreman.yamlLukas Zapletal07/20/2017 04:55 AMForeman modules
20358ForemanBugNewNormalSwitch to DHCP does not work on Import IPv4 subnetsLukas Zapletal07/20/2017 04:51 AMWeb Interface
20357ForemanBugNewNormal404 when selecting a puppet class for a new hostOhad Levy07/20/2017 04:16 AMHost creation
20355DockerBugReady For TestingNormalRequest registry results in JSONSebastian GräßlSebastian Gräßl07/20/2017 03:13 AM

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