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19693ForemanBugNewLowwhen provisioning a host in ovirt if some thing goes wrong the VM is not removedBen de Luca05/27/2017 10:03 PMCompute resources - oVirt
19692ForemanBugNewNormalOpening a libvirt VM console fails with fog-libvirt 0.4.0Michael Moll05/26/2017 04:03 PMCompute resources - libvirt
19690KatelloBugNewHighpublish/promote content view does not update puppet environment repo's puppet install pathJustin SherrillJustin Sherrill05/26/2017 03:52 PMPuppetKatello - Team Brad - Iteration 15
19688ForemanFeatureNewNormalChoose what facts/values to export through WebUIJosh Pavel05/26/2017 01:49 PMWeb Interface
19687ForemanBugNewNormalHostGroup / Environment missing from WebUI ExportsJosh Pavel05/26/2017 01:45 PMWeb Interface
19686KatelloBugNewHighErrors syncing ostree repo to foreman-proxy-content capsuleThomas McKayPartha Aji05/26/2017 09:37 AMForeman Proxy ContentKatello - Team Tom - Iteration 15
19684KatelloBugNewHighserver and foreman-proxy-content installer misses /etc/crane.conf data_dirThomas McKayPartha Aji05/26/2017 08:23 AMInstallerKatello - Team Tom - Iteration 15
19683KatelloBugNewNormalcontainer image repo synced to foreman-proxy-content loses pulp attribute repo_registry_idThomas McKayThomas McKay05/26/2017 10:11 AMForeman Proxy ContentKatello - Team Tom - Iteration 15
19682KatelloTrackerNewNormalcontainer image and registry trackerThomas McKayThomas McKay05/26/2017 07:54 AMKatello - Team Tom - backlog
19681DiscoveryTrackerNewNormalForeman Discovery UX changesLukas Zapletal05/26/2017 06:57 AMDiscovery plugin
19680ForemanFeatureNewNormalSearch fact_values for hosts with fact1 AND fact2Matteo Castellarin05/26/2017 07:10 AMSearch
19678OpenSCAPRefactorNewNormalRefactor ArfReport.create_arfOndřej Pražák05/26/2017 06:33 AMForeman - Team Marek backlog
19677ForemanBugNewHighUnable to edit localboot templatesLukas Zapletal05/26/2017 04:34 AMTemplates
19676Hammer CLIBugReady For TestingNormalHammer CLI saves unknown string on defaults field on defaults.ymlTomáš StrachotaTomáš Strachota05/26/2017 03:22 AMHammer coreForeman - Team Marek Iteration 15
19675Foreman Remote ExecutionBugNewNormalDuring db:migrate -- TypeError: superclass mismatch for class FakeNicEric Helms05/25/2017 10:10 PM
19672ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalPlugins adding host bulk actions are broken in Foreman 1.15Marek HulánMarek Hulán05/26/2017 04:19 AMWeb Interface
19671WebsiteBugNewNormalIncorrect URL path to foreman-release.rpm in multiple Katello documentation locationsJason Nance05/26/2017 10:27 AM
19669TemplatesBugReady For TestingNormalTemplate with spaces and special characters in names cause problem on exportMarek HulánMarek Hulán05/25/2017 09:14 AM
19668Smart ProxyRefactorNewNormalRemove conflicting leases prior reservation creationLukas Zapletal05/25/2017 07:35 AMDHCP
19667KatelloFeatureReady For TestingHighNeed additional supported database deployment options for Katello installation: such as External PostgresMartin BacovskyMartin Bacovsky05/27/2017 04:31 AMInstallerForeman - Team Ivan Iteration 15
19666Smart ProxyFeatureReady For TestingNormalReturn record type for DHCP recortsLukas ZapletalLukas Zapletal05/26/2017 04:46 AMDHCP
19665KatelloBugNewHighForeman Installer fails on setting up development environmentAmit Karsale05/25/2017 04:39 AM
19664KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalUpcoming security fix in Foreman breaks Katello testsMarek HulánMarek Hulán05/25/2017 10:22 AMTests
19663KatelloBugNewHighForeman Installer fails on setting up development environmentAmit Karsale05/25/2017 04:40 AMInstaller
19662DiscoveryRefactorNewNormalUse hostgroup taxonomy in rulesLukas Zapletal05/25/2017 03:11 AMDiscovery plugin

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