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19353KatelloFeatureNewNormal[RFE] There should be a way to report the storage size of a given repo Mike McCuneChris Duryee04/22/2017 03:31 PMInter Server Sync
19352KatelloFeatureNewHigh[RFE] Create a filter based on a package build dateMike McCune04/22/2017 03:16 PMContent Views
19351KatelloBugReady For TestingNormaltransiet test failureJustin SherrillJustin Sherrill04/21/2017 06:48 PMTestsKatello - Team Brad - Iteration 13
19350KatelloRefactorReady For TestingNormalremove unnecessary "include_root_in_json" in modelsJohn MitschJohn Mitsch04/21/2017 04:45 PM
19349Smart ProxyBugNeed more informationNormalERF12-8202 [ProxyAPI::ProxyException]: Unable to retrieve unused IP ([RestClient::BadRequest]: 400 Bad Request)Bhanu Prasad Ganguru04/21/2017 11:53 AMDHCP
19348KatelloBugNewHighRepo sync failing with KeyError with the gitlab repoMario Gamboa04/21/2017 09:15 AMRepositories
19347KatelloBugNewNormalHosts registered to katello cannot pull protected images Thomas McKayThomas McKay04/21/2017 09:10 AM
19346KatelloBugNewNormalSyncing protected images fails with NOT FOUND Thomas McKayThomas McKay04/21/2017 09:07 AMElasticSearch
19344ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalIntermittent test failure in "UsergroupTest.test_0003_hosts should be retrieved from recursive/complex usergroup definitions"Dominic ClealDominic Cleal04/23/2017 05:38 AMTests
19342ForemanFeatureNewNormalImprove multitenancy with admin for organizationOndřej Pražák04/21/2017 06:44 AMAuthorizationForeman - Team Marek backlog
19340ForemanRefactorNewNormalnew_host vs new_vm variable in compute resource VM partialsBernhard SuttnerTimo Goebel04/21/2017 04:48 AMCompute resources
19338KatelloBugNewNormalCV publishing with puppet module does not add puppet classBrad BuckinghamBrad Buckingham04/20/2017 07:34 PMContent ViewsKatello - Team Brad - Iteration 13
19337KatelloBugNewNormal[UX] repo discovery footer for page listing malformedThomas McKayThomas McKay04/20/2017 03:59 PMRepositoriesKatello - Team Tom - Iteration 13
19336KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalRemote execution from Host Collections with non-admin user fails with error 'rendering 403 because of missing permission' Ivan NecasIvan Necas04/20/2017 01:18 PMRoles and Permissions
19335KatelloBugNewNormalAdding media via the REST API does not correctly associate org/locationJames Shewey04/20/2017 01:27 PM
19334virt-who configureBugNewNormalvirt-who daemon not reporting status back to Satellite at regular intervalsSuresh ThirugnanasambandanMarek Hulán04/21/2017 08:36 AM
19332ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalMissing welcome screen Amir FeferAmir Fefer04/21/2017 05:41 AMWeb Interface
19331virt-who configureBugReady For TestingNormalCompatibility broken with nightly/1.16Marek HulánMarek Hulán04/20/2017 10:47 AM
19330virt-who configureBugReady For TestingNormalMake virt-who widget compliant with other widgetsSuresh ThirugnanasambandanMarek Hulán04/21/2017 04:31 AM
19329KatelloBugNewHighCapsule server have lot issues after upgradeMario Gamboa04/20/2017 09:44 AMInstaller
19327ForemanFeatureNewLowNew Host without hostgroup should have default pxe_loader as 'PXELinux (BIOS)'Swapnil AbnaveSwapnil Abnave04/20/2017 08:40 AMHost creationForeman - Team Anurag Iteration 12
19326ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalCompute Resource - Make URL optional for certain providers(example: VMware)Swapnil AbnaveSwapnil Abnave04/21/2017 02:48 AMCompute resourcesForeman - Team Anurag Iteration 12
19325ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalAdding VMware vSphere SCSI Controller ID Selection to volumesBernhard Suttner04/21/2017 10:25 AMCompute resources - VMware
19324ForemanRefactorReady For TestingLowPermit apipie-rails 0.5.xDominic ClealDominic Cleal04/20/2017 04:42 AMPackaging
19323KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalContent -> Errata & Packages do not take selected organization into considerationBrad BuckinghamBrad Buckingham04/20/2017 08:14 PMRepositoriesKatello - Team Brad - Iteration 13

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