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23707ForemanBugNewNormalFailed to cancel pending build for <hostname> with the following errors: Unable to render 'pxegrub2_chainload'Andrej Krüger05/25/2018 12:11 PM
23706KatelloBugNewHighUnable to override hostgroup parameters from All hosts => edit host on WebUI Daniel Lobato GarciaDaniel Lobato Garcia05/25/2018 11:36 AM
23705ForemanBugNewNormalIn partition tables, problem with snippet check-box together with operating systemOndřej Pražák05/25/2018 09:51 AMTemplates
23704ForemanBugNewNormalSorting by network address for subnet doesn't work properly Ondřej Pražák05/25/2018 11:39 AMNetwork
23703ForemanFeatureNewNormalUI Button *Create Puppet Environment* should be removedOndřej Pražák05/25/2018 09:07 AMPuppet integration
23702OpenSCAPFeatureNewNormalhave arf report ID be visible from the command line of the scpa client after report upload Ondřej Pražák05/25/2018 08:49 AM
23701InstallerSupportNewNormalHow to Install Foreman without Internet connection Mostafa Yasin05/25/2018 12:06 PM
23700SELinuxBugReady For TestingNormalTemplates plugin disallowed to create symlinksLukas ZapletalLukas Zapletal05/25/2018 01:50 PMGeneral Foreman
23699ForemanFeatureNewNormalRemedeation support for host statusLukas Zapletal05/25/2018 06:22 AM
23698ForemanBugNewNormalprod2dev rake task will not successfully migrate PostgreSQL to MySQLJohn Stewart05/25/2018 06:50 AMDB migrations
23697ForemanBugNewNormalCloning hostgroup and moving it between different levels breaks YAML parameters overrides.MARCIN BOJKO05/25/2018 06:02 AMWeb Interface
23696KatelloBugNewNormalUnable to upload saved image to docker repositoryThomas McKayThomas McKay05/24/2018 10:10 PMDocker
23695ForemanFeatureNewNormaladd '/' as keyboard shortcut to searchOhad Levy05/24/2018 04:06 PMSearch
23694KatelloFeatureNewNormalRH subscriptions: group subscriptions by SKUWalden Raines05/24/2018 03:54 PMSubscriptions
23693DiscoveryBugReady For TestingHighUnrecognized option '--args-linux'Lukas ZapletalLukas Zapletal05/24/2018 03:57 PMDiscovery plugin
23692Foreman Remote ExecutionFeatureNewNormalAllow puppet provisioning on otherwise fully provisioned hostsSebastian Raterman05/26/2018 10:27 PM
23691KatelloFeatureNewNormalUpdate react to 16.3+Walden Raines05/24/2018 03:14 PMWeb UIForeman - Team UX - Current Iteration
23690ForemanFeatureNewNormalUpdate react to 16.3+Walden RainesAmir Fefer05/24/2018 03:19 PMWeb InterfaceForeman - Team UX - Current Iteration
23689ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalHost bread crumb inconsistency: uses ID but url uses host's name on first visitPeter LehwessPeter Lehwess05/25/2018 12:19 PM
23688KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalWhen Location selected error in Subscription -> List/Remove or AddSamir Jha05/24/2018 07:37 PMActivation Key
23687KatelloBugNewNormalRH Subscriptions: add subscriptions details pageWalden Raines05/24/2018 01:49 PMSubscriptionsForeman - Team UX - Current Iteration
23686ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalaudits are not searchable by type settingTimo GoebelTimo Goebel05/24/2018 01:36 PMAudit Log
23685Foreman MaintainBugNewNormalforeman-maintain run failed when running from /etc/smart_proxy_dynflow_core/settings.d folderKavita GaikwadKavita Gaikwad05/24/2018 11:35 AM
23684ForemanSupportNewNormalHostname "x.x.x.x" does not match the server certificate after upgradingChris M05/24/2018 12:55 PMSecurity
23683ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalHost Validation fails after importing facts if operatingsystem changedMatthias Dellweg05/25/2018 12:20 PMFacts

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