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Network credentials screens

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Target version:Image 3.0.0
Difficulty: Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/smart-proxy/pull/308
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This work item is focused on entering network credentials for the primary interface. Since we are booting from USB/ISO, we don't know what interface it was booted from, therefore we need to inform the user with some explanation (help) text. We should also detect which interfaces has link and show them to the user with the possibility to redo detection, so he can easily unplug/replug cables finding the right interface. Or any other method would be appropriate.

Stephen suggested leveraging sysconfig-network-tui for this, which is a good idea. Or we can code our own screens. Or combination.

We should allow the user a set of tests (ping gw, ping dns, ping and allowing user to re-enter credentials and re-test several times.

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