Bug #16545

Host node YAML import calls AR finder with incorrect second argument

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Under Rails 5, the Host::Managed#importNode method raises an error when importing a YAML file that contains parameterised classes (as in our unit test):

HostTest::location or organizations are not enabled.test_0013_should import from external nodes output
TypeError: can't quote Hash
    app/models/host/managed.rb:489:in `block in importNode'
    app/models/host/managed.rb:488:in `each'
    app/models/host/managed.rb:488:in `importNode'
    test/unit/host_test.rb:757:in `block (2 levels) in <class:HostTest>' (TypeError)

On Rails 4, calling Puppetclass.find_by_name(["klass", {:params => foo}]) was just returning the klass and ignoring the second element of the array. Under Rails 5 it raises an error.

The .find_by_name call should only be passed a string with a name.

Note that the classes in an ENC YAML may be either an array or hash, but the unit test only checks the hash format.

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Revision 37c0b37f
Added by Dominic Cleal over 1 year ago

fixes #16545 - correctly search for classes from YAML import

Prevents a full class hash of name => parameters being passed to the AR
finder when using a parameterized (hash-style) YAML format.


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