Bug #16786

Don't call #to_sentence on model associations

Added by Dominic Cleal 12 months ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Under Rails 5, calling #to_sentence on an association (such as SmartProxy.first.features.to_sentence) no longer works - it's only implemented on Array. It causes:

ActionView::Template::Error: undefined method `to_sentence' for #<Feature::ActiveRecord_Associations_CollectionProxy:0x00000011e105f8>
app/views/about/index.html.erb:35:in `block in app_views_about_index_html_erb_1374804635064850089_72097840'
app/views/about/index.html.erb:32:in `_app_views_about_index_html_erb__1374804635064850089_72097840'

In a few views .to_sentence is used on an association when it should first call .pluck to retrieve a specific column or call .to_s on the models, before converting to a sentence.

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Revision b6db72b1
Added by Dominic Cleal 12 months ago

fixes #16786 - don't call to_sentence on associations


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