Bug #16805

Host group change on host edit does not reload parameters etc.

Added by Dominic Cleal 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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When editing a host and changing its host group, the parameters tab isn't reloaded with data coming from the new host group. If you save the host and revisit the page, the host group parameters are now shown.

The implementation of handleHostgroupChangeEdit in host_edit.js suggests that it should via the third part of this conditional:

244 function handleHostgroupChangeEdit(element, host_id, host_changed) {
  1   if (host_changed){
  2     update_form(element,{data:"&host[id]="+host_id})
  3   } else if (host_changed == undefined) { // hostgroup changes parent
  4     update_form(element)
  5   } else { // edit host
  6     set_inherited_value(element);
  7     update_puppetclasses(element);
  8     reload_host_params();
  9   }
 10 }

Instead when the host group is changed, the second part (designed for the hostgroup#edit form, changing parent) is followed instead. This stems from the "data-type-changed" attribute being missing on the host form, due to Rails bug https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/24220, fixed in 5.0.0. In app/views/hosts/_form.html.erb, @host.type_changed? may return nil, it should be !!@host.type_changed?.

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Revision 2322228d
Added by Dominic Cleal 11 months ago

fixes #16805 - reload host parameters on host group change

On Rails 4.2, `Host#type_changed?` may return nil due to bug #24220
causing data-type-changed to be missing from the host form and the JS
in handleHostgroupChangeEdit to assume host#edit is a hostgroup form.
Now that data-type-changed is always present, the full reload of
parameters occurs when the host group is changed on a host.


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