Bug #19337

[UX] repo discovery footer for page listing malformed

Added by Thomas McKay 4 months ago. Updated 15 days ago.

Assigned To:Walden Raines
Target version:Team Tom - Iteration 16
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The page information at the bottom of discovered repos is missing values (shows NaN, missing page numbers, etc.)

To reproduce go to repo discovery, docker type, "registry.access.redhat.com", then note page info at bottom of ui page.


#1 Updated by Walden Raines 4 months ago

  • Assigned To changed from Walden Raines to Thomas McKay

I wonder if this is related to recent docker tags changes. The NaN, missing page numbers, etc. is caused by total and or subtotal not being set.

It looks like these should be set in an atypical way here:


Reassigning to Tom since he touched this last and has more familiarity with this code.

#2 Updated by John Mitsch 4 months ago

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