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foreman-maintain maintenance-mode command

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As part of the pre-migrations phase, we perform steps to temporary disable functionality to make sure the upgrades are run in isolation from outside, e.g.

  • Disable enabled sync plans, stores information about the disabled sync plans to file to be able to restore it in SyncPlans::Enable
  • Disable external traffic on port 443 to prevent the interference with the system while the uprade runs

The commands to work with the maintenance-mode:

1. foreman-maintain maintenance-mode status
Shows the status of the maintenance mode. Possible values:

  • off - the maintenance mode is off
  • on - the maintenance mode is on
  • partially on - there were some steps of the maintenance mode already set, while some parts were not
  • not available - since foreman-maintain can run not only the satellite, on some installations (such as clients), this might not be avaiable

2. foreman-maintain maintenance-mode on
Runs the steps to enable the maintenance mode

3. foreman-maintain maintenance-mode off
Runs the steps to disable the maintenance mode

The exact steps to turn the maintenance mode on/off might differ from different versions and server vs proxy.

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