Refactor #22603

Make breadcrumbs conform to patternfly design

Added by Walden Raines about 1 month ago. Updated 17 days ago.

Assigned To:Walden Raines
Category:Web UI
Target version:Foreman - Team UX - Iteration 29
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ReleaseKatello 3.7.0Release relationshipAuto


When the breadcrumbs were implemented in katello the breadcrumbs design ( was not available or was not adhered to. We should update the styling of the breadcrumbs in katello to match what is defined in patternfly.


#1 Updated by Justin Sherrill about 1 month ago

  • Release set to Katello 3.7.0

#2 Updated by Walden Raines 24 days ago

  • Subject changed from Make breadcrumbs and resource switcher conform to patternfly design to Make breadcrumbs conform to patternfly design

#3 Updated by Walden Raines 17 days ago

  • Target version changed from Team UX Iteration 28 to Team UX - Iteration 29

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