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need way to show organization associations

Added by Thomas McKay over 4 years ago. Updated 24 days ago.

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Difficulty: Bugzilla link:1103866
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For each of the associated resources (the ones with add_/remove_ commands), it would also be helpful to have a method for listing the current associations.

hammer organization computeresources
hammer organization info computeresources
hammer organization info --computeresources

hammer organization [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...

SUBCOMMAND subcommand
[ARG] ... subcommand arguments

add_computeresource Associate a resource
add_configtemplate Associate a resource
add_domain Associate a resource
add_environment Associate a resource
add_hostgroup Associate a resource
add_medium Associate a resource
add_smartproxy Associate a resource
add_subnet Associate a resource
add_user Associate a resource
create Create organization
delete Delete an organization
info Show organization
list List all :resource_id
remove_computeresource Disassociate a resource
remove_configtemplate Disassociate a resource
remove_domain Disassociate a resource
remove_environment Disassociate a resource
remove_hostgroup Disassociate a resource
remove_medium Disassociate a resource
remove_smartproxy Disassociate a resource
remove_subnet Disassociate a resource
remove_user Disassociate a resource
update Update organization

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  • Target version set to hammer-cli 0.6.0

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