Bug #5673

As a user wishing to manage roles and users, I cannot easily remove a role.

Added by Eric Helms about 3 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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This issues manifests itself in two forms:

1. If I have Role A, being used by User B and I attempt to delete Role A, I am presented with an error message "Role is still in use".
2. If I have Role A being used by 25 users, and I wish to delete Role A, I must find every user using Role A, remove the Role from each individual user and then delete the role.

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Revision a2c1e8db
Added by Shlomi Zadok 8 months ago

Fixes #5673 - Allow deletion of role with users


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#2 Updated by Marek Hulán about 3 years ago

Just for the record, users could be search by role using filter "role = $name" but that is also inconvenient

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#7 Updated by Daniel Lobato Garcia 8 months ago

We have had this problem with Organizations/Locations too, where removing them is a real PITA (find all objects associated), Environments, and proxies... If we can have a 'generic' approach to this operation that we can apply with any object that deleting it leaves orphans that have to be fixed, that'd be great

#8 Updated by Shlomi Zadok 8 months ago

@Daniel, I think that this use-case is a whole lot different than with Organizations / Locations.
With Role, it is a simple delete, which removes the user_roles association, and does not leave an orphan

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