Infrastructure Updates 2017


What Who Dependencies Notes
Use fastly as CDN evgeni see Infrastructure_CDN

To Do In The Near Future

What Who Dependencies Notes
Migrate PR-Processor ? Openshift v2 shutdown
Get more people to do infra work * More documentation would help.
Review & Refactor current Puppet code ?
Update the SELinux Puppet module used ? The 1.0.0 release includes some breaking changes
Migrate Puppetmaster to EL7 ? Get a new VM We're getting a VM from for that. foreman-installer in addition to the current Puppet self-managing would be good, The current Puppet CA expires in August 2018.
Update Foreman to 1.15+ ? Migrate Puppetmaster to EL7
Set up remote execution plugin ? Update Foreman to 1.15+
Migrate mmoll Ubuntu/xenial.

To Do Later

What Who Dependencies Notes
Use Jenkinsfile instead of JJB * Update Jenkins to 2.60 (done)
Migrate Jenkins master to EL7 ?
Set up a Monitoring System ? mmoll will ask the Netways guys about Icinga things
Update Redmine ? Migrate Redmine (done)


What Who Dependencies Notes
Update Foreman to 1.10 gwmngilfen, ohadlevy
Update Foreman to 1.13 gwmngilfen, mmoll Update Foreman to 1.10 Only foreman-proxy is Puppet managed. The Puppetmaster does have its passenger config outside of Puppet. Foreman is unmanaged by Puppet. Apache config is completely out of Puppet control
Connect slaves mmoll
Update Java to 1.8 mmoll
Update Jenkins Plugins mmoll
Update Jenkins to 2.60 (LTS) mmoll Update Java to 1.8, Update Jenkins Plugins
Update Puppet to 4 mmoll Update Foreman to 1.13, Update Puppet Modules Also brought puppetserver 100% under Puppet control
Reset Rackspace password gwmngilfen
Update Puppet Modules mmoll A lot of old external modules and own code was in use. Now everything is Puppet 4 compatible.
Re-Contact Scaleway gwmngilfen Scaleway does have discounts for open source projects. Their ARMv8 boxes are fast. We do have an account and VMs now.
Contact owners of offline slaves mmoll One guy didn't react, but one of his two slaves is still good.
Delete old hosts from Foreman mmoll Contact owners of offline slaves
Migrate Redmine gwmngilfen Openshift v2 shutdown
provide https interface to Jenkins ewoud