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3789 Bug foreman-installer doesn't work since puppet 2.7.23 and older

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3197 Bug passenger-status does not work.

Sprint 16


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3363 Bug [Hammer] Package fastercsv for squeeze and precise
3370 Bug All subcommands associated with "organization" fail
2982 Bug Non Admin user Dashboard load is very slow with a large number of mangaged nodes
3251 Bug Plugins repo definition is unsigned, should not have gpgcheck=1
2967 Bug Foreman is randomly missing certain facts
3266 Bug Saving a compute resource causes duplicate success notifications
3267 Bug Foreman 1.3 breaks API v1 compatibility for /api/hosts
3256 Bug Usergroup members missing when showing a usergroup
3262 Bug actually create "cache" file to save the time of the last host facts push
2895 Bug Parameters added to a class do not get added when running an import via rake
3293 Refactor Add FactoryGirl supprt to the tests
3239 Bug Spoofing of PXELinux template does not work
3352 Bug ArgumentError (interning empty string) on "hammer host info"
3122 Bug when fact filters are added to a user, error column reference "id" is ambiguous for dashboard and fact_values
3350 Bug Pages /users/login and /users/logout do not have html/title
3359 Bug Documentation for iptables rules requirements
3369 Bug rubyzip 1.0.0 breaks Ruby 1.8 build
3481 Bug Don't have to set a hostname for each interface, but it must be unique if it is set
3484 Bug Bind rndc key file is rewritten every puppet run
3486 Bug The "Loading" Text does not disappear from facts charts
3498 Feature Update to Rails 3.2.15
3581 Bug Report e-mails link to "FQDN and failed > 0" rather than "host = FQDN"



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2093 Bug vmware compute resources don't support folders
3212 Bug defer MySQL foreign key constraints for rake db:convert:prod2dev
3243 Bug Slow SQL queries on host show page
3269 Bug rake puppet:import:hosts_and_facts fails with wrong number of arguments (1 for 2..3)
3270 Bug Incorect handling of multiple interface with different subnets when editing host
3277 Bug Filtering host from within the organization table fails with organization names containing blanks