Katello 3.2.1


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16825 Bug katello-restore: Perform required files check before starting the restore
16861 Bug [RFE] Allow all errata to be picked when applying to content-hosts.
16921 Bug Call candlepin's subscriptions just once when enabling a repo
16928 Bug add logging for qdrouterd service
16929 Bug Better error message for unresolvable host name
16945 Bug Capsule Installer does not honor virtual fqdn in load-balance scenario
17002 Bug subscription-manager facts are not updated in candlepin
17054 Bug view_subscription filter does not allow non-admin user to list/view the subscriptions.
17074 Bug --upgrade-puppet does not change puppet cert locations
17115 Bug Subscription manager interface facts are accepted without validation
17258 Bug Permissions to assign host to the hosts collection.
17415 Bug Capsule upgrade fails to start httpd due to duplicated WSGI daemon definition
17560 Bug Unable to install Katello 3.2 on CentOS 7.2

Closed Sprints

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 4


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16788 Feature Add infoblox-related installer migrations to katello-installer
16827 Bug enhance post-sync skip detection with simple count check

Team Brad - Iteration 4


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15935 Bug updating autoheal on host from api doesn't seem to save value
16931 Bug better handle pools with missing subscription ids when listing akeys

Team Brad - Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17016 Bug Uploaded packages aren't visible in Katello
17031 Bug hammer repository info should show the mirror-on-sync setting
17047 Bug katello-clean-empty-puppet-environments cron.weekly job needs to hide errors when trying to delete non-existent folders
17048 Bug pre-upgrade check script tells to wait even though there are no active tasks
17102 Bug add setting to change host name setting between fqdn and shortname
17110 Bug Provisioning Host details of the Content Hosts navigates to in-correct URL over the Web UI
17127 Bug hammer - attribute --content-view does not work in many subcommands of content-view filter rule
17129 Bug Unable to delete content view or version that is associated with a hostgroup
17142 Bug When removing Content View with activation keys associated, they are not displayed
17149 Bug s390 kickstart repos are no seen as bootable
17188 Bug Content Host Subscription list quantity link links to incorrect id
17208 Bug Unable to filter Errata's applicable content hosts by environment using corresponding env dropdown

Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17211 Bug Repository synchronization checks all the repos on capsule on sync status

Foreman - Team Daniel - iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17244 Bug Error accessing dashboard when user has filtered access to hosts

Team Brad - Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16252 Bug katello-installer --reset does not ask for confirmation
16863 Bug [upgrades] Clear out qpid event queue upon upgrade
16877 Bug PLP0000: Invalid block tag: 'compress' error on EPEL 7 repo
17214 Bug add more info on the post install about location of where to scp certs tar
17331 Bug event_queue bombs with traceback on EL6
17351 Feature provide way to correct repos missing pulp

Team Brad - Iteration 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17524 Bug Repository synchronization tries to create all the missing repositories on a remote capsule