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09:10 AM Smart Proxy Bug #18177 (Ready For Testing): The autosign checker does not close its file descriptor
Over a period of time lsof shows that the autosign.conf file is being opened repeatedly but not closed.
I am worki...


09:49 AM Smart Proxy Bug #15790 (Feedback): In MS DHCP provider disabling ddns should be done on subnet scope, not per...
Why do you say this? Which version of the DHCP server are you using. I admit that I have only used W2K8 DHCP and high...


06:01 AM Smart Proxy Bug #15572 (Closed): vender class test is inverted in native MS provider
Applied in changeset commit:3cd0744c2d0392ae41deebfe9a1589b79732bfbd.
05:14 AM Smart Proxy Revision 3cd0744c: fixes #15572 - incorrect missing vendor class check in native ms


09:03 AM Smart Proxy Bug #15572 (Closed): vender class test is inverted in native MS provider
The logic is wrong for "vendor class missing" report


06:02 AM Smart Proxy Feature #15452 (Closed): DIsable Dynamic DNS for Microsoft DHCP <-> DNS interoperation
Applied in changeset commit:36956f8ff2f73ec139d606a7fed9604f17da2808.
05:13 AM Smart Proxy Revision 36956f8f: fixes #15452 - disable DDNS updates for Native MS DHCP provider
I also renamed the file dhcp_ms_native.yml.example to
dhcp_native_ms.yml.example as the name must match the class nam...


11:11 AM Smart Proxy Feature #15554 (New): Add lease deletion facility to dhcp providers
Now that the DHCP native_ms provider returns leases to Foreman we need to be able to remove these during conflict res...


08:02 AM Smart Proxy Feature #1172 (Closed): MS dhcp proxy does not know about leases
Applied in changeset commit:a832ac2855e235ddb47859f475fd77dd6a74276b.
07:41 AM Smart Proxy Revision a832ac28: fixes #1172 - proxy should return leases and reservations

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