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04:40 PM Foreman Bug #20554 (New): Host creation is not stopped when boot file download fails
I ran into situation where the boot files from our local repo had not yet been published and Foreman still created a ...


12:20 PM Foreman Feature #20500 (Ready For Testing): Allow API GET /api/hostgroups to return hostgroup parameters
I'd like to be able to get hostgroup parameters from the index API call for hostgroups.


10:24 AM Foreman Feature #20487 (Ready For Testing): Add rebuild_config to hostgroup API
I'd like to be able to rebuild the TFTP configs for an entire hostgroup similar to the existing API call that exists ...


04:25 PM Installer Revision d4790dad (puppet-puppet): Allow client_certname to be a boolean
This can be used to prevent certname being set.


04:14 PM Foreman Bug #18200: Audit entries for encrypted oauth_consumer_secret created on app startup
These messages are making our audit emails completely useless. Every day we get ~210 audits when nothing has been ch...


01:18 PM Foreman Feature #17257: Allow rebuild of specific configurations (TFTP, DHCP, DNS, etc) via API
Were these PRs merged too late to make it into 1.14? These would really improve our organizations workflow.


01:02 PM Foreman Bug #17535 (Closed): Associate a VMware VM to host with multiple NICs fails
Applied in changeset commit:239609088ef8d0310c0f865e514d048c77d7cc26.
12:01 PM Foreman Revision 23960908: Fixes #17535 - Associate host with multiple NICs to VMWare VM
09:19 AM Foreman Bug #17535 (Closed): Associate a VMware VM to host with multiple NICs fails
A host with multiple NICs is failing to associate to a VMware VM because the primary NIC does not match the first MAC...


12:02 PM Foreman Feature #17296 (Closed): Allow unattended URLs to be accessed without host being built
Applied in changeset commit:2652deaf8f81cf315eed8f61b675a73bce0c6eff.

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