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11:39 PM Website Revision 98c3ad14 (theforemanorg): fix katello version variable and add icons


08:10 AM Xen Support #19691 (Feedback): Xenserver plugin connection
It seems like the connection from your Foreman server to port 80 of that XenServer is timing out. Please try it with ...
08:05 AM Katello Support #19689 (Resolved): How do you sync ubuntu repos
See this open PR with a blogpost on how somebody did it: https://github.com/theforeman/theforeman.org/pull/872
It ...


04:03 PM Foreman Bug #19692 (New): Opening a libvirt VM console fails with fog-libvirt 0.4.0
Works with 0.3.0, but with 0.4.0:
Failed to set console: Call to virDomainUpdateDeviceFlags failed: Operation not ...


10:13 AM Salt Feature #19653 (Duplicate): Salt Run not displaying in action Dropdown
03:30 AM Packaging Revision 09b03321 (foreman-packaging): update foreman_xen to 0.5.2


04:09 PM Smart Proxy Bug #6945: smart-proxy doesn't find the autosign.conf if not at "#{puppetdir}/autosign.conf"
I think I need to revise my opinion on that in the light of the whole Puppet 4 situation now. It seems the puppetdir ...
01:49 PM Packaging Revision 4d23f1a4 (foreman-packaging): update foreman_xen to 0.5.2
10:58 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #19639: undefined method `[]' for Proxy::Dynflow::Plugin:Class
possibly related to the commit for #7832
10:01 AM Smart Proxy Bug #6022 (Closed): puppetssh fails due to host key prompt when trying to do puppetrun
Applied in changeset commit:846218ef5292b6baf92905da831515b80e19825f.

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