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03:01 PM Foreman Feature #20838 (Closed): as a developer I would like to create new forms using react/redux
Applied in changeset commit:b0fd1ab6e9c146c50d6e51b704925ade2ee47f6e.
02:41 PM Foreman Revision b0fd1ab6: fixes #20838 - add redux-form supports


02:16 PM Foreman Bug #21328: Incorrect link from welcome page - http proxies
I would suggest we either remove the link, or leave this bug open as a blocker for 1.17 to ensure that we actually ad...
10:42 AM Foreman Bug #21340 (New): multiple settings lookup for http proxy for every UI action
in the logs i see multiple times per request:...
06:35 AM Foreman Bug #21330: http proxy test connection should clear toasts when clicking on it multiple times
also note that multiline errors are not displayed correct, for example:
server response:...
06:32 AM Ansible Bug #21335 (New): unable to show host list with latest remote execution plugin
06:29 AM Foreman Bug #21334 (New): EC2 http proxy must use HTTPS
It does not make sense (IMHO) to allow non secure http proxy to connect to services like AWS (or any URL that require...
06:28 AM Foreman Bug #21333 (Closed): http_proxy js does not exists, yet its added to the compilation list
this is probably a left over of a rebase, but this line is not required:
06:27 AM Foreman Feature #12216: allow compute resource connections to use a proxy
am i reading this right - only EC2 is currently supported? but via the API you can still update the proxy for other c...
06:20 AM Foreman Bug #21332 (Closed): http proxy form does not open in two-pane
While we agree we want to move away from two-pane pattern, it still inconsistent with the rest of the app, until we r...

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