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04:40 AM Foreman Bug #18974: Host configuration chart should not include irrelevan hosts
also, i assume this issue should belong to katello?
04:40 AM Foreman Bug #18974: Host configuration chart should not include irrelevan hosts
why are they hosts to begin with?
04:39 AM Foreman Refactor #18975: Store info about relevancy of a host status in database
can't we just revert to the old behavior by using the host status attribute as a global status? and change the UI tha...


01:01 PM Foreman Refactor #16288 (Closed): Move ace editor from bundle to npm
Applied in changeset commit:71f05b789a95300b4e51f957492166e3cd7b1840.
12:05 PM Foreman Revision 71f05b78: fixes #16288 - moves ace editor to webpack.
I've tried to limit changes to minimum, besides fixing lint errors i've:
- moved to brace package (as its compatable ...


09:22 AM Foreman Refactor #18961 (Duplicate): Reduce frequency of notification polling


11:54 AM Foreman Feature #18940 (Ready For Testing): Cache notification content to reduce server load
Since notification hit the server often (by default every 10 seconds when there is an active user session) it makes s...


03:37 PM Azure Bug #18627: rake db:seed fails - Unable to create domain: DNS domain has already been taken
Daniel Lobato Garcia wrote:
> This happened because you already had the cloudapp domain, correct? If so, the seeds n...
06:08 AM Foreman Bug #18906 (Closed): notification has an empty hover
see attachment
04:37 AM Foreman Bug #18680 (Rejected): unable to close notification action dropdown
I'm no longer able to reproduce this, I didn't find any commit that fixes it so I can only assume my env had a js lef...

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