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01:34 PM Foreman Bug #23439: undefined method `caller_execution_plan_id' for CreateRssNotification
I assume this is stored in a table? can you tell me which one I should look at ? thanks!


08:22 AM Foreman Bug #23439: undefined method `caller_execution_plan_id' for CreateRssNotification
any idea? this keeps spamming my logs?


12:52 PM Foreman Bug #23248: Breadcrumbs switcher uses wrong ids on compute attributes detail page
setting to 1.18 as I believe we should cherry-pick this.
11:38 AM Foreman Bug #23511: Webpack plugin assets don't compile properly
I'm also seeing duplication in css for plugins (e.g. remote_execution plugin css at https://gist.github.com/ohadlevy/...


10:01 AM Docker Refactor #23528 (New): containers_controller deprecation on fixnum
saw in logs...


01:04 PM Foreman Bug #23520 (New): rake tasks should not require active db connections
many rake tasks do not require an active database connection, or not even the entire rails application, however, fore...


12:26 PM Foreman Bug #23480 (New): 500 error page has incorrect colors
with the introduction of breadcrums, the error page seems to have the wrong css (see attachment)
08:01 AM Foreman Bug #23387 (Closed): rake rss:create_notifications - no implicit conversion of String into Integer
Applied in changeset commit:1cb6f147eb54e84ad39b837643d581f4ed96313c.
07:57 AM Foreman Revision 1cb6f147: fixes #23387 - FOREMAN_RSS_LATEST_POSTS option now works
the rake task rss:create_notifications failed to
parse FOREMAN_RSS_LATEST_POSTS value correctly.


12:02 PM Foreman Bug #23467 (Closed): trends welcome page text should not be limited to puppet facts
Applied in changeset commit:dccf169c17c3a7fadd72de70753d2d98d61ef845.

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