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08:58 AM Foreman Bug #20628: When cloning host/hostgroup, root pass field does not copied
thanks Amir, do you happen to know from which version this regression has been added?
07:26 AM Foreman Bug #20311 (Feedback): Notification drawer fuctionality does not seem to be appropriate.


04:01 PM Foreman Bug #20316 (Closed): unable to delete user. leads to foreign key violation
Applied in changeset commit:ac4efbd1f26040141f83b864adbb60139d7ddcb4.
03:26 PM Foreman Revision ac4efbd1: fixes #20316 - allow to delete a user that has notifications


08:24 AM Foreman Bug #20571 (New): javascript error: DataTable is not a function on production


09:27 AM Foreman Feature #20485 (Ready For Testing): cache notification drawer state
As long as foreman is not a single page app, when a user has the notification drawer highlighted (e.g. has notificati...


11:31 AM Foreman Bug #19305 (Feedback): fact value page now has uncommon spacing
IMHO this is not actually solved, see attached screenshots.
03:38 AM Foreman Feature #20469: Expose React components from plugins
Also see https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!searchin/foreman-dev/Webpack/foreman-dev/KzzEPf6DvBw
03:37 AM Foreman Feature #20469: Expose React components from plugins
I was under the impression this is already possible?
Can you clarify if you mean mount an existing components from...


10:41 AM Foreman Bug #20457 (New): current develop branch fail to load under rails 5.0

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