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08:31 AM Katello Bug #18641: Cannot enable compute resource via "foreman-installer --scenario katello"
Yes - manual install does work. I'd like the install to be done by the foreman-installer however. I don't want to h...


09:19 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #18645 (New): Remote command fails due to HostKeyMismatch
Host has been deployed and Remote Execution tested with 'uptime' command scheduled. Working.
Host is rebuilt (sam...
08:43 AM Katello Bug #18641 (Closed): Cannot enable compute resource via "foreman-installer --scenario katello"
I've been running separate testing threads with a Foreman server doing some stuff and a Katello server doing others. ...


04:37 AM Foreman Feature #1970: Override the foreman_url hostname
Is there any way the linked Bugzilla can be opened up a bit? Or some anonymised details copied in here so that progr...


11:00 AM Website Revision 8cf7a855 (theforemanorg): Update foreman-remote-execution/nightly/index.md
Edit the port used to curl the pubkey from the API to reflect the new default of 9090


03:19 AM Website Revision 4a6773dc (theforemanorg): Update remote_execution installation docs
Removed reference specifying Foreman 1.10 repository to install from. Also removed reference to EPEL as this is conf...


06:42 AM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #16879 (New): Map foreman users to different remote_execution_ssh_user
Current design allows a global or host-based remote_execution_ssh_user.
Customer would like to be able to map spec...


11:26 AM Installer Bug #14685 (New): Ability to set SSL Ciphers, Order & Compression during install
User needs the ability to set:
values to be used in:


06:24 AM Foreman Feature #12372: Support Azure as a compute resource
Is there any progress on this topic?
Asking because I know there is a growing customer need for this in the downst...


07:38 AM Foreman Feature #13683: [RFE] unattended_url needs to be a per-subnet setting
Sorry - thought I was setting a "version found in" field there.
Had searched issues on "unattended_url", so missed...

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