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03:57 PM Katello Bug #19929 (Closed): Required updates to installer / upgrade wrt. qpid-cpp upgrade to 0.34


10:45 AM Katello Bug #20046 (Ready For Testing): hammer package list no longer supports --content-view or --conten...
Cloned from
Original issue downstream was that the command be...
09:39 AM Katello Bug #20043 (New): Copy Host Collection - unable to set focus in 'New Name' input
- go to Hosts -> Host Collections
- select a host collection
- 'Select Action' -> 'Copy Host Collectio...
09:01 AM Katello Bug #19932 (Closed): When creating a new yum repository checksum list is empty and without a defa...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6e10b6cd7f60bfbfb7c82c5055567f0c91c75cb3.
08:51 AM Katello Revision 6e10b6cd (katello): fixes #19932 - fix repository checksum options
Convert checksums to be a service, similar to download
policy and other types. This change will allow for


12:01 PM Katello Bug #19971 (Closed): Can't create repository within Product as non-admin user
Applied in changeset commit:katello|2e48f8e368c67d2e55a34c27ef23c3245a8bab07.
11:35 AM Katello Revision 2e48f8e3 (katello): fixes #19971 - allow repo create by non-admin and fix delete
Attempting to create a repository as a non-admin user would
generate the following error:
RuntimeError: Could not fi...


10:26 AM Katello Bug #19971 (Closed): Can't create repository within Product as non-admin user
Cloned from
Description of problem:
Cannot create repository...


04:01 PM Katello Bug #19658 (Closed): subscription-manager identity --regenerate fails with "wrong number of argum...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ae38ec56fa29fe7e4eb34ae12cd0aed69ff55fcf.
03:27 PM Katello Revision ae38ec56 (katello): fixes #19658 - fix error on sub-mgr register --regenerate
The initializer on the candlepin consumer was updated to include
owner to support changes in the candlpein pool apis;...

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