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04:01 AM Bastion Bug #18342 (Closed): Ensure select all isn't checked when nutupane table is invalidated.
Applied in changeset commit:bastion|7e967f80cce930a900906318f49b6639249bff4d.
04:01 AM Bastion Bug #18203 (Closed): Remove highlighting on lifecycle environments page
Applied in changeset commit:bastion|cda9a648d224ac2018389396878ad0a436480009.
04:01 AM Katello Feature #19587 (Closed): Add API error handling for PUT requests
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6bfbff98b803f14aff9b6cce44f224565c03df30.
03:36 AM Bastion Revision 7e967f80 (bastion): Fixes #18342: unselect all when table is refreshed.
Ensure that the select all checkbox (and all selections) are removed
when the table is refreshed.
03:33 AM Bastion Revision cda9a648 (bastion): Fixes #18203: override hover colors on .info-blocks.
Instead of highlighting .info-blocks with the same color as tables we
should override the highlighting to be the norm...
03:29 AM Katello Revision 6bfbff98 (katello): Fixes #19587: add PUT request handler to API error service.
Need a way to handle PUT request errors, this commit adds that.
03:14 AM Katello Bug #19685 (Duplicate): [UX] visiting Affected Repositories page for docker content view filter h...
Duplicate of #18282


03:50 AM Katello Bug #19580: JS error on content view details page when trying to go to content view copy
For what it's worth this was caused by converting to non-nutupane. The state cannot be transitioned to because I neg...


10:01 AM Katello Bug #19571 (Closed): 'select action' drop down stays open even after selecting an action
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6397f3c13fd3a50f063ebedefcf436c12492e8ec.
09:28 AM Katello Revision 6397f3c1 (katello): Fixes #19571: fix action dropdown buttons.
The "Select Action" dropdown buttons weren't working because of a bug in
ui-bootstrap. This commit provides a workaro...

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