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10:08 AM Katello Bug #20393 (New): Foreman tasks table should be using index method instead of bulk_search
Currently we are using the foreman tasks bulk search api in katello for our tasks tables. We should move to using th...
10:03 AM Bastion Bug #20103: Pager info NaN at bottom of product->name->tasks
Decided to fix this globally in bastion in case there are other tables that don't support pagination.


02:40 PM Katello Bug #20313: Katello can't use relocated URI
This is likely because these two lines don't make use of the rails root mentioned:
10:24 AM Katello Bug #20293 (Duplicate): Errata apply filter by dropdown environment doesn't work
Duplicate of #20246


02:01 PM Katello Bug #20279 (Closed): Missing the URL link, failed to click and open "1 Content Host" for a hyper...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|4c89c95054b03d35dc1a3583e695ed849654731f.
02:01 PM Katello Bug #20244 (Closed): Clicking Refresh Manifest Does Not Give Feedback
Applied in changeset commit:katello|8e8b6a99fca9519e589863f19e210a17c60c612d.
01:29 PM Katello Revision 4c89c950 (katello): Fixes #20279: fix link to virtual guests.
The link to virtual guests was relying on having the parent table in the
scope (i.e. the nutupane way of doing things...
01:28 PM Katello Revision 8e8b6a99 (katello): Fixes #20244: add a task progress bar to manifest page.
Show the status of manifest related operations on the manifest page so
as to eliminate confusion as to whether or not...
01:27 PM Katello Bug #18096 (Duplicate): Clicking on refresh manifest twice should warn about errors
Duplicate of http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/20244


09:00 AM Katello Bug #20244 (Assigned): Clicking Refresh Manifest Does Not Give Feedback

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