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10:12 AM Katello Bug #21035: name field not clickable after opening resource switcher
Should the switcher even be shown on the new page?


01:01 PM Katello Refactor #18288 (Closed): Updates to katello to use foreman toast notifications instead of bst-alert
Applied in changeset commit:katello|be59aaa45dffef49b23a5100d657a110b46ace20.
12:14 PM Katello Revision be59aaa4 (katello): Fixes #18288: use foreman style toast notifications.
Instead of using bst-alerts inline notificaitons use toast style
function via our Notification service.
10:41 AM Katello Feature #21009 (New): Get react scaffolding in place for katello
We need to get react working in katello. This issue will be considered complete when a basic react page can be displ...
10:01 AM Bastion Feature #17990 (Closed): Use foreman's toast notification instead of inline bst-alert
Applied in changeset commit:bastion|e8d37c581ef8c48e2d305ab6d518fe02de7326ae.
10:01 AM Bastion Revision 1ebbc053 (bastion): Bump version to 6.0.0
09:59 AM Bastion Revision e8d37c58 (bastion): Fixes #17990: use toast notifications like foreman.
Instead of using inline notifications we should be using toast
notifications like foreman does in order to match thei...
09:56 AM Bastion Revision 68d336d5 (bastion): Bump version to 5.1.0


11:01 AM Foreman Bug #20902 (Closed): plugin_webpack_directories.rb removes 'katello' from bundle name
Applied in changeset commit:3d12e0dfad0be94b0cb302b05ee37695bbd61f76.
10:30 AM Foreman Revision 3d12e0df: Fixes #20902: ensure 'katello' is webpack bundle name.
We were removing the bundle name for katello and thus making it
difficult to reference the katello bundle. This comm...

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