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03:01 PM Katello Bug #19339 (Closed): Repository Sets pages are not being displayed in production because of depen...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a19a576763a4d8ad43fd56ba9c6f0b43dfd9be61.
02:11 PM Katello Revision a19a5767 (katello): Fixes #19339: fix typo in repositorySetsEnabledFilter.
There was a typo in the repositorySetsEnabledFilter that was causing
dependency injection to fail in production mode....
11:00 PM Katello Bug #19339 (Closed): Repository Sets pages are not being displayed in production because of depen...
Go to the AK or CH repository sets in production and note JS error:...


03:59 PM Katello Bug #19337: [UX] repo discovery footer for page listing malformed
I wonder if this is related to recent docker tags changes. The NaN, missing page numbers, etc. is caused by total an...


04:03 PM Katello Bug #19282 (Closed): Create New View button should be blue on content view page
This is already fixed in master, my mistake.
03:58 PM Katello Bug #19274 (Closed): Missing "Override to no" option for enabled field in "Product Content" tabs
This is now fixed in master with the move to a table view for repository sets:
See https://github.com/Katello/kate...
11:01 AM Katello Bug #19136 (Closed): 400 on installable bulk errata on content hosts page
Applied in changeset commit:katello|764ceb7b3eb8a3b122f0b3b8441bf7caa18a4f2d.
10:30 AM Katello Revision 764ceb7b (katello): Fixes #19136: include host ids in bulk errata call.


12:43 PM Katello Bug #19287 (New): Make "Publish New Version" it's own button on the content view details page
Instead of hiding "Publish New Version" in the "Select Action" dropdown, we should make it it's own primary action bu...
12:37 PM Katello Bug #19286 (New): Composite Content View: use same dropdown as Add Content View for List/Remove ...
Instead of using bst-edit on the composite content view list/remove page we should use the same dropdown (without bst...

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