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08:24 PM Katello Bug #23232: "Validation failed: Name must not include periods" if domain is not found during regi...
This is a weird one. does an unscoped API query to retrieve the domain ID. It passes in that domain_id...
03:35 PM Katello Bug #22469 (Need more information): CentOS 7.4 KS sync does not create Synced Content
Hi - I can't reproduce it. In order to get the Synced Content available, you do have to select a content source on th...


07:24 PM Packaging Revision 61f9ee49 (foreman-packaging): SUSE support for katello-repos (#2405)
* SUSE support for katello-repos
* Support SLES 11
* Use repodir for %dir
* OBS forces us to list both /etc/zypp a...


03:02 PM Katello Refactor #14594 (Closed): Remove all provisioning templates from katello repo
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ad2ef2f0233cdb7fd251ee9c6e18ac270fc8f214.
02:11 PM Katello Revision ad2ef2f0 (katello): fixes #14594 - remove all templates from Katello
The Foreman templates will support all our needs and
we no longer need to maintain special snowflake Katello


05:50 PM Katello Bug #23153 (Duplicate): Installer sets listening address of qpid_router_agent to IPv4
This will be fixed when #12386 is resolved.


01:01 AM Katello Bug #23022 (Closed): SQL error when using PUT to upload RHSM facts
Applied in changeset commit:katello|643d3b81b6e52bf0d43bce1ee7a9d3584965baca.
12:18 AM Katello Revision 643d3b81 (katello): fixes #23022 - lookup candlepin owner from facts
When updating facts by a PUT to /rhsm/consumers, owner is
not the label, but rather a ActiveController::Parameters


10:08 PM Foreman Revision 3bd6f09c: Sync community templates
Syncing the templates now so nightly keeps working after we remove all
the templates from Katello. Katello needs the...


03:29 PM Foreman Remote Execution Revision a7f1c863 (foreman-tasks): Bump version to 0.13.0

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