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08:27 PM Katello Revision 6dc945c1 (katello-packaging): Merge pull request #436 from cfouant/incrementalregression
fixes #19446 - fixes incremental backup performing full backup


03:31 PM Katello Feature #19353 (New): [RFE] There should be a way to report the storage size of a given repo
With the addition of the ability to export content from Katello, you need to know how large a repo is so you can esti...
03:16 PM Katello Feature #19352 (New): [RFE] Create a filter based on a package build date
Filtering on dates is currently limited to errata created/updated dates does not include packages build dates, which ...


11:30 AM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #13020: Make job invocation state column sortable
Once we get sorting, this would allow for better filtering based on state too right?


04:15 PM Foreman Bug #17666 (Closed): Upgrade fails during db:migration
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1404436
1) Upgrade from Satellite 6.2.4 to 6.2.5 and rece...


02:40 PM Katello Bug #17498 (Assigned): Improve ListenOnCandlepinEvents throughput
This actually causes foreman-tasks to die and stop processing. We need to improve this code, but removing it causes m...


11:38 AM Katello Revision f2044f84 (katello-packaging): Adding note that quvi is required by git-annex (#271)


07:46 PM Katello Bug #16103 (Resolved): NoMethodError: undefined method `label' for nil:NilClass
In certain cases users will remove old entries in the foreman_tasks_tasks table via a rake utility.
This causes da...


02:21 PM Katello Feature #15801 (Assigned): Add ability to mass create fake hosts in perfhammer with latest versio...
Currently the perfhammer script we use to bulk load fake data into Katello does not yet support bulk creation of host...


01:06 AM Katello Bug #15369 (Closed): Removing a content view, doesn't free disk space

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