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03:03 PM Katello Feature #20028 (Closed): Need Katello size estimation script
closing this out in favor of:
03:02 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #20267 (New): Need Foreman size estimation script

Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1390694
We need a simple script that users can run tha...


08:27 PM Katello Revision 6dc945c1 (katello-packaging): Merge pull request #436 from cfouant/incrementalregression
fixes #19446 - fixes incremental backup performing full backup


03:31 PM Katello Feature #19353 (New): [RFE] There should be a way to report the storage size of a given repo
With the addition of the ability to export content from Katello, you need to know how large a repo is so you can esti...
03:16 PM Katello Feature #19352 (New): [RFE] Create a filter based on a package build date
Filtering on dates is currently limited to errata created/updated dates does not include packages build dates, which ...


11:30 AM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #13020: Make job invocation state column sortable
Once we get sorting, this would allow for better filtering based on state too right?


04:15 PM Foreman Bug #17666 (Closed): Upgrade fails during db:migration
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1404436
1) Upgrade from Satellite 6.2.4 to 6.2.5 and rece...


02:40 PM Katello Bug #17498 (Assigned): Improve ListenOnCandlepinEvents throughput
This actually causes foreman-tasks to die and stop processing. We need to improve this code, but removing it causes m...


11:38 AM Katello Revision f2044f84 (katello-packaging): Adding note that quvi is required by git-annex (#271)


07:46 PM Katello Bug #16103 (Resolved): NoMethodError: undefined method `label' for nil:NilClass
In certain cases users will remove old entries in the foreman_tasks_tasks table via a rake utility.
This causes da...

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