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12:22 PM Katello Revision 661bc317 (puppet-certs): extract nssdb creation into separate class
12:01 PM Foreman Feature #18064 (Closed): Ability to import and provision existing VMs
Applied in changeset commit:637da2f28accc1378f0326d97adcbb2efc5d9808.
11:34 AM Foreman Revision 637da2f2: fixes #18064 - import host from compute resource
08:04 AM Foreman Feature #18980 (Ready For Testing): create ssh keys page needs breadcrumbs
The create ssh keys page could use breadcrumbs to allow a user to go back to the current user.


11:45 AM Katello Revision 2b52ff9c (puppet-katello): refresh services when certs change
This commits adds code to refresh services when certs change.
Previously, this has been done in puppet-certs module.


03:19 PM Katello Revision 6770d35b (puppet-capsule): reload foreman-proxy service when cert changes
This commit reload foreman-proxy service when the cert changes. This has
previously been done in puppet-certs. To red...
01:40 PM Katello Revision 92f50e4d (puppet-katello): pulp: enable katello
01:39 PM Katello Revision 2dab4865 (puppet-certs): remove dependencies to external modules


12:31 PM Katello Revision e80c0a77 (puppet-certs): extract ca code from init.pp


05:39 PM Katello Revision bf4d1d9b (puppet-certs): qpid does not need apache (#140)

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