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04:53 AM Foreman Feature #19369 (Ready For Testing): Show host who generated a puppet report
When you have multiple puppet "compile masters" running behind a loadbalancer it comes in handy to know on which pupp...


05:22 AM Packaging Revision a99a3a4a (foreman-packaging): Update foreman_expire_hosts to 3.0.0


06:01 AM Foreman Bug #19328 (Closed): puppetca autosign removal has wrong name
Applied in changeset commit:006929d1057d5b59458d4fbf99cd20853c198ffd.
05:18 AM Foreman Revision 006929d1: fixes #19328 - autosign tasks have correct wording


09:31 AM Foreman Bug #19328 (Closed): puppetca autosign removal has wrong name
When deleting a host the puppetca orchestration adds a queue item "Delete PuppetCA certificates for %s". This should ...
07:01 AM Hammer CLI Feature #19156 (Closed): hammer cli should list available_networks of compute resource
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|007b1db3fad5b55c73e2dfc9a3d162ca42a38532.
06:26 AM Hammer CLI Revision 007b1db3 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #19156 - compute-resources has images subcommand


09:01 AM Foreman Bug #17895 (Closed): Foreman stores link local IPv6 address
Applied in changeset commit:34c2e24ea5105b54b8376a0c155a4604b9603024.
08:21 AM Foreman Revision 34c2e24e: fixes #17895 - do not import link-local ipv6 addr fact


09:46 AM Discovery Feature #19177 (New): send PTR record facts of ipmi ip
I'd like to have the PTR of the ipmi card available as a fact. E.g. a user could use the PTR of the ipmi card that is...

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