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02:55 AM Foreman Feature #19582 (Assigned): Inform user that all Puppet Class sub entities affect saving the whole...
02:54 AM Foreman Feature #19582 (Ready For Testing): Inform user that all Puppet Class sub entities affect saving ...
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1379291
*Steps to Reproduce:*
1. Have one Smart Variable...
01:46 AM Hammer CLI Bug #17135 (Assigned): Creating override-value-order for smart classes using CLI doesnt handle co...


07:01 AM Foreman Bug #19296 (Closed): Template association remove link shows incorrect tooltip
Applied in changeset commit:fcb0e4bbe90d4c35fe1810d8e0cfd3bea3302324.
06:45 AM Foreman Revision fcb0e4bb: Fixes #19296 - Combination remove link shows correct tooltip


01:21 AM Discovery Bug #19292 (Duplicate): Cannot create discovery_rule with hammer cli due to missing taxonomy


04:14 AM Foreman Bug #19309 (Closed): Select all on hosts first page selects hosts on other pages
I had 300 hosts, clicked select all to select the first page (20 hosts).
I got the message: All 20 hosts on this pag...


09:01 AM Foreman Bug #17902 (Closed): smart variable puppet class should not be auto selected
Applied in changeset commit:0e49dee2886513615e164ebaf04ca32e5685dc77.
08:13 AM Foreman Revision 0e49dee2: Fixes #17902 - Smart variable puppet class is not auto selected


08:01 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #17412 (Closed): it is possible to shade "Job invocation" page without way back to normal page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_plugin|4057da930e93fd7fa39e8c32192f4dad50c3a07a.

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