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09:46 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #21168 (Closed): Can't create a location
Trying to create a location silently fails, the server log only shows: "Failed to save: "
In the taxonomy controller...
09:14 AM Foreman Bug #21166 (New): Disabling remote execution plugin after creating a template causes an error
Steps to reproduce:
1. Add remote execution plugin to local gemfile
2. Add a job template
3. Remove remote executi...


10:04 AM Foreman Bug #21136 (Ready For Testing): Change all labels to Title Case
example: "Key type" should be "Key Type"
10:00 AM Foreman Bug #21135 (New): Tooltip for overriden flag icon
When a smart class parameter is marked as overridden a flag appears next to it on the list of smart class parameters ...
09:44 AM Foreman Bug #21133 (New): Omit inline help icon should not be blue
09:26 AM Foreman Bug #21131 (New): Move help text in puppet related fields in host
* Put help text in inline help
* Change link on “Reset Puppet Environment….” to be only on "Reset Puppet Environment"
09:21 AM Foreman Bug #21129 (Ready For Testing): Submit/Cancel button should be switched in Puppet class edit page
The buttons should be switched according to http://www.patternfly.org/pattern-library/forms-and-controls/buttons-on-f...


12:14 PM Foreman Revision 4aba258e: Fixes #20452 - Keep password value after validation in ovirt CR
(cherry picked from commit db345393cf6f7733a1b5e3126af9d19d8d4b218d)
04:16 AM Foreman Bug #20920 (Closed): Rails 5 causes error when server is trying to start
This is the stacktrace I get when trying to start the server (no plugins are enabled):...


10:42 AM Foreman Bug #20896 (Assigned): Remove Help button from Partition index page

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