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11:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #20363 (Closed): More mem leaks on smart_proxy_openscap
Applied in changeset commit:smart_proxy_openscap|1144acf80b363f61645485f473329417907f4378.
10:18 AM OpenSCAP Revision 1144acf8 (smart_proxy_openscap): Fixes #20363 - Move ruby-openscap to external scripts
08:01 AM OpenSCAP Revision e9b840bf (hammer_cli_foreman_openscap): Fixes #20671 - Show hostgroups in policy info co...
07:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #20671 (Closed): Scap CLI policy info doesn't show associated hostgroups
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|19a40154b97c1f2ba7ee778796bfc1b0b0eadc78.
05:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #20670 (Closed): SCAP CLI has no max length limit for original-filename parameter
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|553cd2d25c46ca4e9c30689d2d38e0221226df17.
04:08 AM Foreman Feature #20686 (New): Include splay in puppet configuration for clients
1. Proposed title of this feature request
Include the splay option to the puppet configuration.
2. What is the na...
03:57 AM Foreman Feature #20685 (New): Add interface button to run "puppet cert re-inventory"
*Description of problem:*
When revoking puppet certs, they stay in the inventory database. While this may be the int...
02:47 AM Foreman Feature #20684 (New): Official module for configuring puppet clients
The foreman-installer sets up specific values in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf. Configuring a puppet client requires setti...
02:40 AM OpenSCAP Bug #20655 (Closed): Rename "Openscap policy summary" to "Compliance policy summary"


09:06 AM Foreman Feature #20677 (New): Allow satellite to create a stored puppet catalog for itself
*Description of problem:*
Unable to create stored catalog for the foreman server
Being able to ...

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