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05:05 PM Packaging Revision e2306467 (foreman-packaging): Update patternfly-react to 0.13.0
01:47 PM Packaging Revision d3de3682 (foreman-packaging): Add intl package
01:44 PM Packaging Revision ece75b66 (foreman-packaging): Add react-fontawesome
10:09 AM foreman-tasks Refactor #21971 (Ready For Testing): Use SeedHelper.audit_modified? instead of audit_modified?
audit_modified? is deprecated and will be removed, use SeedHelper.audit_modified? instead


01:20 PM OpenSCAP Feature #21960 (New): filter openscap reports based on life-cycle environment of content host.
The user would like to filter all the openscap reports based on life-cycle environment.

User has...


10:01 AM Discovery Refactor #21819 (Closed): Add Rails 5 style migrations
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|4d32e2978beb1a7c102aa07e3cb2e277ae6f23a2.
09:20 AM Discovery Revision 4d32e297 (foreman_discovery): Fixes #21819 - Add Rails 5 style migrations


10:40 AM Packaging Revision 070ba7c2 (foreman-packaging): Update oauth to 0.5.4


08:16 PM Foreman Revision daec9eb7: Sync templates from community-templates
07:01 PM Foreman Bug #21869 (Closed): Feedback for help txt wording for ‘Unlimited?' and 'Override?'
Applied in changeset commit:689b3d1fa8c1e9fb47180c49afa320124b231a85.

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