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10:06 AM OpenSCAP Bug #23001 (New): Uploading scap report fails when proxy is installed on RHEL 6
*Description of problem:*
The upload of scap content fails with ISE,
# foreman_scap_client 2
Upload failed: ...


01:36 PM Website Revision 38ecddba (theforemanorg): Update for 1.17.0-RC2
10:36 AM Katello Refactor #22985 (New): Change 'Environments' to 'Lifecycle Environments' in Content Hosts table h...
Using just 'Environments' is ambiguous as there are Puppet environments and Lifecycle environments.
08:53 AM Foreman Refactor #22982 (New): Change 'Environments' to 'Puppet Environments' in hosts table header
Environment is overloaded as Katello has lifecycle environments. Using just 'environment' is ambiguous and may confus...


12:39 PM OpenSCAP Bug #22511 (Closed): Cannot send Arf reports from spool
Applied in changeset commit:smart_proxy_openscap|f822ff217a24be634162258a4c943eef82b2ccdc.
12:39 PM OpenSCAP Bug #21862 (Closed): hammer --version prints unknown version for the openscap plugin
Applied in changeset commit:hammer_cli_foreman_openscap|29fbb5366b0dc773c519bc6acd850bce7a23909a.
12:39 PM OpenSCAP Bug #22405 (Closed): 'Policy' and 'Openscap Capsule' under Hosts -> Reports should not be clickable
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|cacf847c9d2802b9366b2a9b48f7b82bd5f10961.


09:14 AM Foreman Feature #22893 (Ready For Testing): Specify associations when importing a template
Users should be able to specify, which taxonomy associations a template should have on import. These should override ...
06:56 AM Foreman Bug #22882 (Closed): Error generating gettext MO files when line ending is inconsistent


04:21 PM OpenSCAP Bug #22883 (New): Incorrect logs when report failed to be sent from spool
Steps to reproduce:
1) have reports in spool
2) make sure foreman is unavailable
3) sudo -u foreman-proxy smart-...

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