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05:50 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#463)


05:46 AM Foreman Bug #20070 (New): Foreman welcome mail doesn't include password
*Description of problem:*
When creating a new Foreman user the welcome mail received doesn't include the user's pass...
04:18 AM Foreman Feature #20068 (New): Ensure that user does not get permission denied right after logging in
*Description of problem:*
Users w/o full admin rights, created in at least some circumstances, cannot view the mai...
03:54 AM Docker Bug #20067 (New): NameError: wrong constant name Docker/ImageSearch on creating a new Role Filter
*Description of problem:*
when clicking a 'New Filter' in the Role dialog, the following traceback is being logged i...
02:39 AM OpenSCAP Bug #18741: Show log messages "failed only" incorrect produces messages with "pass" result
Marek Hulán wrote:
> It seems to work for me with latest upstream version. Do we have a reproducer?
Yes, we do.


03:19 AM Foreman Refactor #20041 (New): Move inherited_attributes method into core
Method for inheriting attributes is defined in hostgroup_extensions in both Katello and foreman_openscap. We should r...
01:51 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#457)


05:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19705 (Closed): NoMethodError undefined method `logs' for nil:NilClass
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|0e5a80b2ce896d5228298f1cc7b52a442274ef5f.
05:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #18095 (Closed): Step headings in the policy wizard aren't translated
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|ce0bff3c58898a7e91981e56865e98340ba81b5c.
05:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19629 (Closed): OpenSCAP Capsule is not inheritied from the parent hostgroup while creating ...
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|2206394ef4f62ec1ec38cd39ce3ba9396988ccc0.

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