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08:09 AM OpenSCAP Bug #17732 (Resolved): Error on Policy Openscap Dashbord to show hosts never audited
I believe this was fixed as a part of #18809. I will close this, feel free to reopen if you encounter this in foreman...
07:36 AM Foreman Bug #19631 (New): ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved when deleting compute resources with key pairs
*Steps to Reproduce:*
1.goto Infrastructure>Compute resources
2.Create EC2 compute resource
3.goto Infrastructure...
06:58 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19629 (New): OpenSCAP Capsule is not inheritied from the parent hostgroup while creating a n...
*Description of problem:*
The issue exists for me when using the 'Nest' action on hostgroups index page.
Steps to...
06:12 AM OpenSCAP Revision e1d06d9d (foreman_openscap): Refs #19562 - Fix transient test failures
04:19 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19626 (New): foreman_scap_client fails to scan when /tmp is out of free space
We create a temporary folder in /tmp where the we store report before it is bzipped and sent to proxy. When there is ...


11:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19242 (Closed): Default scap contents cannot be imported
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|f9e9b35af9afb323dcb142c82d546eb86bc9c440.


07:46 AM OpenSCAP Revision f9e9b35a (foreman_openscap): Fixes #19242 - Unscope smart proxies


09:38 AM Templates Bug #19576 (Closed): Fix test failures after minitest update
The tests are failing after minitest was updated.
09:10 AM OpenSCAP Revision 4491102f (foreman_openscap): Refs #19562 - Avoid clash with core's factories
09:01 AM OpenSCAP Bug #19562 (Closed): Tests are failing after minitest was updated
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|8347e04c5d794d7236c1e91b968cb3a01d67a3fc.

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