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09:01 AM Foreman Bug #14050 (Closed): N+1 query on hosts#index from host's build token
Applied in changeset commit:9738552ed6daaf27455151910e0353c8aec41c7e.
08:17 AM Foreman Revision 9738552e: fixes #14050 - resolving N+1 query on hosts#index


06:02 AM Foreman Bug #14239 (Closed): Creating a host via API fails with cryptic error when no primary interface i...
Applied in changeset commit:38d9333f8e82e45fc6771ea7740e6ea625b97d3f.
05:15 AM Foreman Revision 38d9333f: fixes #14239 - when creating host from API, set first interface as primary if ...


10:26 AM Discovery Feature #14069: New action - Rediscover
I'm confused :)
is this re-discover
or redis-cover ?
06:01 AM Foreman Bug #13066 (Closed): Body text on help pages is centered, but should be left aligned
Applied in changeset commit:35ffdf5d6d961c7b9ec886e028fa23d6da629050.
05:10 AM Foreman Revision 35ffdf5d: fixes #13066 - Improve readability of blank slate pages
Increase font size and reduce width of description of blank slate pages
to improve readability.


08:36 AM Foreman Bug #14228 (Closed): running single test fails due to FileUtils not being required
caused by


09:07 AM Foreman Bug #10201 (Need more information): Statistics page behavior when looking at an empty org looks b...


10:21 AM Foreman Bug #10201: Statistics page behavior when looking at an empty org looks broken
I propose one of two fixes:
# hide the tile if there's no data in it, and show a standard empty page like we do in m...

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