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02:01 PM Foreman Feature #23550 (Closed): Menu items should render as json
Applied in changeset commit:9d88e6997a316e1195f8402a14df0b603f702547.
01:22 PM Foreman Revision 9d88e699: Fixes #23550 - add to_hash method to Menu::Manager


04:01 PM Foreman Bug #23628 (Closed): BreadcrumbBar actions test is broken
Applied in changeset commit:2e41835d428e63bba9f98d520888e5fadcfe8598.
03:04 PM Foreman Revision 2e41835d: Fixes #23628 - fix BreadcrumbBar actions test failure


03:37 PM Foreman Bug #23628 (Closed): BreadcrumbBar actions test is broken


10:01 PM Foreman Feature #23364 (Closed): Add search input to the breadcrumbs switcher
Applied in changeset commit:dc86fdd8a92f4aed6eb01313ac436bd01ba54869.
09:42 PM Foreman Revision dc86fdd8: Fixes #23364 - add search input in breadcrumbs switcher
03:01 PM Foreman Bug #23601 (Closed): Org/Loc Button ordering not the same when moved after window resize
Applied in changeset commit:990607981d338df0fed584c9fea8c9b3048820a0.
02:17 PM Foreman Revision 99060798: Fixes #23601 - switch org/loc button ordering in vertical nav
09:01 AM Foreman Bug #23559 (Closed): Breadcrumbs switcher on trends page doesn't work for predefined trend types
Applied in changeset commit:5bc5094baba5d18e8ee02b270f70cdea0ef59746.

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