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06:01 AM Foreman Bug #16807 (Closed): test mail button requires excessive priviledges
Applied in changeset commit:25236783e8c59028e78652e15106d9c1e7ef6778.
05:44 AM Foreman Revision 25236783: Fixes #16807 - remove premission edit_users for test_mail


04:01 AM Foreman Feature #19315 (Closed): Pages do not refresh after idle session timeout
Applied in changeset commit:62a86e8b13dbebabd6cc9980b11b9dd7a810f04b.
03:48 AM Foreman Revision 62a86e8b: Fixes #19315 - redirect to login when session expired


04:46 AM Packaging Revision 7c794e80 (foreman-packaging): Refs #19034 - add cronjob to notifications:clean task
04:45 AM Packaging Revision 0b490865 (foreman-packaging): Refs #19034 - add cronjob to notifications:clean task


11:01 AM Foreman Bug #15861 (Closed): audited_changes column is too small
Applied in changeset commit:cf4687537819e1862d530049a7f29d0e86ba16fe.
10:01 AM Foreman Revision cf468753: Fixes #15861 - increase size of audited_changes column
In mysql text type is limited to 64K, while in psql
there's no limit. Changeing type to MEDIUMTEXT,
which limited to ...


08:01 AM Foreman Feature #19034 (Closed): Create a task for clearing expired notifications
Applied in changeset commit:56d54dc2c97e7bd94fbf47ded8cc443947d146af.
07:22 AM Foreman Revision 56d54dc2: Fixes #19034 - add tasks for clearing expired notifications

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