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02:37 PM Katello Bug #23262 (New): unable to org delete if org has CV with host associated with it
If you set up an org with a CV and then add a host to the CV, the org delete will result in the following:


04:20 PM Foreman Bug #23232 (New): Foreman should validate host associations are in the host's taxonomies
If you register a brand-new client to a new capsule on a new katello using without


10:42 PM Foreman Bug #22818 (Closed): "Ignore interfaces with matching identifier" setting does not allow wildcard...
closing issue, this got resolved in another PR related to docs.


03:11 PM Foreman Bug #22818 (Closed): "Ignore interfaces with matching identifier" setting does not allow wildcard...
Foreman has two interfaces that are easily conflated, "Ignore interfaces with matching identifier" and "Exclude patte...


08:02 PM Katello Bug #21797 (Closed): do not log stack trace if generateapplicability generates a 404
Applied in changeset commit:katello|c2f5ec4f4e7a0b1213339ff5df191ec39c0b95a0.
07:45 PM Katello Revision c2f5ec4f (katello): Fixes #21797 - handle various edge cases related to registration
This commit fixes various edge cases and errors related to
registration and hosts unregistering before actions comple...


01:19 PM Katello Revision f113791d (katello-installer): Refs #21703 - remove registration tasks
`Host::Register` tasks have been removed as part of
This change adds a...
01:01 PM Katello Bug #21703 (Closed): allow system registrations to happen without waiting on tasks to complete
Applied in changeset commit:katello|cd11688ac6acc70b18a87c112ad7604997de9b4c.
12:59 PM Katello Revision cd11688a (katello): Fixes #21703 - register systems immediately
Previously, when a system registration API call came in, a task would
be created. Once the task was complete, the API...


09:48 PM Katello Bug #22034 (Resolved): re-enable single consumer applicability regeneration
this was only altered in 3.4 and is correct in master, closing.

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