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01:25 PM Katello Feature #23622 (Ready For Testing): solve certificate issues with split deployments
probably involves creating a certificates tar file like we do from Smart Proxies but for different components


02:35 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23461 (Duplicate): disable crond
We should disable crond before an upgrade and enable it afterwards, just like we do for Sync Plans. Foreman and plugi...


04:30 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #23430 (New): ensure TMOUT is not set
TMOUT could cause long-running upgrade to fail. We should unset it if it's read-only we should error out.


10:58 AM Foreman Bug #23334 (Ready For Testing): templates history doesn't order correctly
The current ordering doesn't work:
irb(main):027:0> Audit.descending.where(:auditable_id => 111, :auditable_type =...


02:48 PM Katello Bug #23292 (Closed): s390x kickstart repos should be bootable
10:44 AM Katello Feature #23282 (Closed): Open URLs to with a new tab links when click should open in new tab/window.


12:02 PM Foreman Feature #23002 (Closed): installation_media should seed taxonomies
Applied in changeset commit:64b74981c77919f772dcef5c4e1d198793f904cc.
11:46 AM Foreman Revision 64b74981: Fixes #23002 - seed Installation Media with taxonomies
We currently do the same thing with Templates,
lets also do it for Installation Media.


10:48 AM Foreman Feature #23002 (Closed): installation_media should seed taxonomies


04:02 PM Foreman Feature #22986 (Closed): you should be able to search templates by vendor & default
Applied in changeset commit:c2aa6cf8ba46bc5c08811eb7bcaeb31218de6597.

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