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09:10 AM Foreman Bug #20678 (Ready For Testing): Improve provisioning template history
Suggested improvements:
* Icons should not be blue
* When admin enters no comment, specify that… “did not enter a...
07:53 AM Foreman Bug #20673 (Ready For Testing): Move locked warning on template editing above name
07:20 AM Foreman Feature #20669 (Ready For Testing): Append "clone" when cloning provisioning templates
This is to avoid a validation error stating a template with the name already exists


03:08 AM Docker Bug #20355 (Closed): Request registry results in JSON
Some registries seem to not default to json and return incompatible results.


02:45 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#468)


04:20 AM Foreman Feature #20201 (Ready For Testing): Global HTTP proxy for outgoing requests


02:26 AM Docker Feature #20092 (New): Add failed state and cause to DockerContainerWizardState
When the creation of a container failed the only way to try again is to fill out the wizard again, with keeping statu...


02:38 AM Docker Bug #10200 (Closed): Unable to create new container, submit button failed to save
Downstream issues has been resolved and is not reproducible anymore, therefore assuming the issue can be closed.


10:55 AM Docker Bug #16510 (Closed): UI: once docker image is used other tags cannot be searched
Closing, as the plugin now has an improved autocomplete and verified to show remote and local tags.
10:41 AM Docker Bug #10190 (Closed): When searching for a docker image an error is showed when / is typed
Closing since this has been fixed.

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