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04:45 AM Docker Feature #18902 (Ready For Testing): Enable autocomplete for container image
To give better feedback what images are available on a compute resource or a given registry.


02:47 AM Docker Bug #18733 (Closed): External Registry search falls back to Docker Hub
When no registry is selected the Hub is searched on the External registry tab when choosing an image for creating a n...


03:00 AM Docker Feature #18713 (Duplicate): Add support for Docker Registries supporting API v2
02:59 AM Docker Feature #18713 (Duplicate): Add support for Docker Registries supporting API v2
Many registries like the GitLab docker registry, as well as the official docker registry image have v1 disabled and w...


05:23 AM Docker Bug #18518 (Ready For Testing): New Container wizard is missing proper feedback on image search e...
When creating a new container, image search is failing but not giving any user feedback. Also when trying to finish t...


10:47 AM Docker Bug #18502 (Closed): Creating a docker compute resource with unix socket URL throws error
400 Bad Request: malformed Host header
Description of problem:
With zstream automation failures, found below issu...


11:16 AM Foreman Feature #18161 (New): Breakdown of inherited classes by Host Group
#14714 improved the appearance of inherited classes, but should be further improved to have them grouped by the HostG...
03:29 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#414)


10:02 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#407)


05:01 AM Foreman Bug #17910 (Closed): unable to click on puppet ca links
Applied in changeset commit:6cf7d832937ae6e4dfe0e54b025f9429523c0ec7.

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