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07:12 AM Foreman Feature #22310 (Ready For Testing): Identify Reports via origin
Reports should be identified on import and set with the origin of what submitted the report.
05:45 AM Foreman Bug #22309 (New): Document compute resource specific HTTP proxy feature


01:28 PM Docker Bug #21893 (Closed): GET /docker/api/v2/containers returns SQL error when sending optional comput...
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*Description of problem:*
# With compute_resou...
12:51 PM Docker Bug #21892 (New): Docker - containers log endpoint tries to connect to local /var/run/docker.sock...
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*Description of problem:*
Reading docker contain...


09:11 AM Katello Bug #21319 (New): If you delete an org, it will still show as a possible org in the menu drop down
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*Description of problem:*
If you have multiple o...


03:28 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#496)


12:04 AM Foreman Bug #21026 (Closed): Notification not cleared when there is no other discovered host
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*Description of problem:*
No notification regar...


10:40 AM Ansible Bug #21008 (Closed): Improve "Ansible roles" button on host's page
* It is not clear what action is performing. Consider renaming to “Run Ansible Roles” or whatever Ansible references ...
09:23 AM Ansible Bug #21005 (Closed): Improve Import Button
* Is saying “Import from..” needed? Would a user assume that since it’s the import button it would be importing from ...
09:19 AM Ansible Bug #21004 (New): Add help to roles page

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