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10:38 AM Foreman Wiki edit: How_to_Create_a_Plugin (#125)


11:03 AM Ansible Bug #23144 (Resolved): bad indentation in rendered ansible playbook causes syntax error
The issue has been resolved with
commit:fb08a6416152181144060d26b0ad341099c0d3f2 and released with foreman-ansible ...


01:28 PM Ansible Bug #23205 (Closed): Ansible Jobs should be have job categories prefixed with "Ansible"
12:44 PM Katello Feature #23202 (Closed): Include Katello job templates for Ansible REX provider from community-te...


09:30 AM Ansible Feature #23114 (Closed): Add 'ansible_out_of_sync_disabled' setting
09:26 AM Foreman Feature #23113 (Closed): Allow disabling of out of sync host status
For environments where configurations are done ad hoc rather then on a regular basis, it is not necessary to keep an ...


07:46 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#579)


08:38 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #22955 (New): REX does not update with a HostStatus::ExecutionStatus
When running a REX task the finalizing is not updating the Hosts status with a `HostStatus::ExecutionStatus`.
A ch...


02:14 PM Ansible Bug #22896 (Closed): Ansible Remote Execution jobs do not fall back to the REX ssh private key
When there is no private key set for Ansible to use for ssh connections it currently does not fall back on REXs ssh s...


12:17 PM Ansible Bug #22790 (New): Ansible callback still trying to add a certificate when SSL verification is dis...
When running Ansible with `FOREMAN_SSL_VERIFY=False` the actual request call still requires a certificate from the lo...

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