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Reported issues: 690


08:47 AM Foreman Bug #17749: foreman-debug archive files have confusing extension: .gz.txt
I mean, we should remove GZ, BZIP2 or XZ extensions from the filename instead appending TXT. That is much better.
08:40 AM Foreman Feature #19327: New Host without hostgroup should have default pxe_loader as 'PXELinux (BIOS)'
Thanks, it is mainly for backward compatiblity. Foreman users are used to create new hosts without any flag to boot v...
07:09 AM Foreman Bug #6725: The "LOCALBOOT 0" entry causes some bare metal machines to stuck during boot
For the record, I patched community-templates already, it's an alternative localboot option now. Not the default one ...


09:49 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Troubleshooting (#96)
Enable detailed SQL logger for orchestration
07:20 AM Discovery Bug #19313 (New): Auto-provisioning fails with blank domain
When domain is blank, autoprovisioning fails for no apparent reason, logs are empty, something fails during orchestra...
04:32 AM Discovery Bug #19310 (New): Unattended PXE-less image does not work on DHCP network w/ multiple NICs
When there are multiple NICs and PXE-less discovery is remastered with pxauto=1 (unattended mode) leaving all default...


07:48 AM Discovery Bug #19293 (New): Provide static network credentials only for static subnets in kexec
We currently always provide static network credentials to kexec template:
"append": "ks=<%= foreman_url('provisi...
07:27 AM Discovery Bug #19292 (New): Cannot create discovery_rule with hammer cli due to missing taxonomy
Taxonomy is missing from discovery CLI rule API and it's required by the API.
07:03 AM Discovery Feature #12244 (Duplicate): Do not delete facts during provisioning
This is dupe issue, it was already resolved in


10:01 AM Katello Refactor #19002 (Closed): Use ApplicationRecord instead of ActiveRecord::Base
Applied in changeset commit:katello|158571184acde2e8d3d25bf3f0874fc42913a1fb.

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