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07:01 AM Foreman Bug #19161 (Closed): Plus icon doesn't change to minus icon
Applied in changeset commit:2d336038b3af57efcdb6abbb5d970f8ebf39cfb7.
06:44 AM Foreman Revision 2d336038: Fixes #19161 - expand value plus icon change to minus icon after click


03:44 PM Foreman Feature #19031: update table pagination to use patternfly guidelines
Ohad Levy wrote:
> I've started a POC at


07:57 AM Foreman Refactor #19530 (New): Legend text is too small
Legend text at charts is too small
fix suggested on weekly dev/design meeting: Facts and Trends


06:01 AM Foreman Bug #19427 (Closed): Unable to sort fact values by report time
Applied in changeset commit:adc6993569dd30a44c4ad62548cc6b2d4ec82995.
05:57 AM Foreman Revision adc69935: Fixes #19427 - sort by report time is possible


08:15 AM Foreman Bug #19427 (Closed): Unable to sort fact values by report time
On fact values page it is not possible to sort the data by report time


05:01 AM Foreman Refactor #19365 (Closed): use spinner instead of text
Applied in changeset commit:5d9119174babaf3dbf2ffb707bc7db80fa172d3e.
04:05 AM Foreman Revision 5d911917: Fixes #19365 - display loading spinner instead of text


06:32 AM Foreman Refactor #19372 (Ready For Testing): Change show children icon (fact values)
Plus icon is not suitable in this case (as stated on weekly dev/design meeting: Facts and Trends)
Possible variation...

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