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06:16 AM Hammer CLI Feature #10347 (Resolved): add login subcommand to hammer
We don't use certificates but the described behavior is implemented by sessions. Users can now use 'hammer auth login...


10:14 AM Hammer CLI Bug #17671: German translation of the validation error is not correct
I found out there are were issues with merging edit.po int .po files in Makefile so the fixed translation was never m...


08:17 AM Hammer CLI Feature #19598 (New): Hammer should warn when other identifier attributes are used together with ...
In most of commands where hammer needs to identify a resource (info, update, delete commands) it allows to use --id t...


05:09 AM Hammer CLI Refactor #19574 (Ready For Testing): Option validator should use option sources
In Hammer introduced option ...
04:26 AM Hammer CLI Bug #19573 (Ready For Testing): assert_match on CommandExpectation raises exception
When HammerCLI::Testing::CommandAssertions are included into global namespace the method CommandExpectation#assert_ma...


06:19 AM Foreman Bug #18855: Role clone API call fails for roles with some organizations/locations assigned
The role seems to be valid and I'm able to clone it via UI. Api or hammer fails.


09:29 AM virt-who configure Revision 452811f8 (foreman_virt_who_configure): Refs #19526 - escape newline
\n in bash function 'heading' was interpreted already in the ruby
string. Functionality is the same but it's visually...


10:01 AM virt-who configure Feature #19526 (Closed): Config script output should be better structured
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_virt_who_configure|1eec6ac3fa66aa204b8c3535a8084b8cc388a28c.
08:20 AM virt-who configure Revision 1eec6ac3 (foreman_virt_who_configure): Fixes #19526 - headings in the config script
08:19 AM virt-who configure Feature #19526 (Closed): Config script output should be better structured
The config scripts produced by the plugin produce continual output that is difficult to read.
Individual configurati...

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