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03:42 AM Katello Bug #20613: Update the help description for "--sync-date" option in hammer.
Thansk you for reporting the bug. Since the sync-plan command comes from hammer-cli-katello I'm moving it to project ...


04:03 AM Hammer CLI Feature #19557 (Duplicate): Missing information on Hostgroups


10:19 AM Hammer CLI Refactor #20611 (New): Remove legacy config code
Hammer still contains legacy code that handles:
* Loading config files from ~/.foreman and /etc/foreman (only ~/.h...
10:07 AM Hammer CLI Bug #20609 (New): Subnet create/update should accept proxy names
hammer subnet create/update shoupd enable entering dhcp, dns and tftp proxy names.
At the moment it supports just ...
10:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #9468 (Closed): Associate config-template-ids by name
This issue is fixed in hammer-cli-foreman 0.11.0:...
09:17 AM Hammer CLI Bug #8231 (Closed): Hammer partition-table os association does not work with --name
This issue seems to be fixed in hammer-cli-foreman 0.11.0 and the foreman 1.15:...
08:04 AM Hammer CLI Bug #5426 (Closed): "hammer os add-config-template" not working
I tested the behavior with hammer-cli-foreman 0.11.0 and the foreman 1.15 and it seems to be fixed in that version:
07:55 AM Hammer CLI Feature #10862: ConfigTemplate was renamed to ProvisioningTemplate in Foreman 1.9
This issue has been partially fixed in some commands on the option level. Eg. hammer os update now offers both --conf...
07:34 AM Hammer CLI Bug #7347 (Closed): config setting log_dir: '~/.hammer/log' is not working
I tested the setting in hammer-cli 0.11.0 and it works fine, closing.
07:24 AM Hammer CLI Refactor #20607 (New): Allow hiding fields which are missing from api output
Currently fields in hammer have :hide_blank option, that enables hiding fields from output when their source is nil (...

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