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Change proposal comunication - Ondřej Ezr, 02/18/2019 01:28 PM

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From: Marek =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Hul=E1n?= <>
Cc: Bryan Kearney <>, Ondrej Ezr <>
Subject: Re: [satellite-tech] External ldap usergroups - change proposal
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 16:46:46 +0100
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Having two ldap records in different server each with different login is no=
t a=20
problem. The problem arises when two ldaps are linked and both contain same=
ldap login but in fact these are two different people.

Well it could be acquisition of two companies, both employing John Connor,=
both Johns have login jconnor. After acquisition, before single LDAP is use=
it can be added as second auth source in order to grant access to shared=20
Satellite instance. While second John couldn't login, the first would gain=
second John's permissions. This feels as bug.

The valid use case I see is this. There's one LDAP managed by my company=20
sysadmin departments, it's very hard to convince them, I need a new account=
for new employee or that existing colleague needs more permissions. So for=
colleagues in my group, I install separate LDAP. While users authenticate=20
against comapny LDAP and have some basic permissions granted in it, I can d=
more granular and faster permissions modifications there. This use case wou=
be dropped.

Both seems as quite edge cases and I'd be all from dropping this. I think=20
99.9% of users will not notice. That means, we'd only sync usergroups from=
auth source, that was used for user authentication (auth source is linked o=
user object). That does not affect ability to have two or more auth sources=
In fact customers today define multiple authsource using the same ldap=20
instance in order to have different default default taxonomies for users in=
different user groups. This would still work, unless they combine permissio=
from multiple taxonomies.

It would be great to have ack from PM and/or people from the field. If ther=
no strong opinion, we'll proceed with the change.



On pond=C4=9Bl=C3=AD 4. =C3=BAnora 2019 16:37:02 CET Bryan Kearney wrote:
> Why would you have 2 different ldaps with different unique user names?
> -- bk
> On 2/4/19 3:16 AM, Ondrej Ezr wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >=20
> > I am working on speed up synchronization of LDAP groups at user login.
> >=20
> > I have stumbled upon a problem:
> > Currently we are supposing, that if there is a login matching the user's
> > login in any LDAP (not just the one user is authenticated by), the user
> > is supposed to be a member of that group.
> >=20
> > So let's have two LDAPs A and B. We have G1 ldap B, and user User1
> > authenticated by ldap A. Ldap B is saying G2 has a member called User2.
> >=20
> > Currently if we got external group connected to the G2 LDAP group, user
> > is a member of that external group.
> >=20
> > I see a problem in there, because user User1, can be a totally different
> > user and thus it can present a security issue of adding permissions to
> > the user he shouldn't have.
> >=20
> > On the other hand some users can already use it like that and they can
> > have this handled on the LDAP side.
> >=20
> > But as we can't assure this on the Satellite side, I would like to say
> > this behaviour is a *BUG*.
> >=20
> > I would like to hear your thoughts on this, before I will say it's a bug
> > and repair it.
> >=20
> > Thanks for your time and considerations,
> > Ond=C5=99ej Ezr