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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
35353 Installer Refactor Ready For Testing Normal Drop xinetd support Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 08/10/2022 11:24 AM Foreman modules
35352 Foreman Bug New Normal OS templates - link to assigned template Leos Stejskal 08/10/2022 07:06 AM
35351 Foreman Bug New Normal Provide Proxy Load Balancer as an option for Global Registration Leos Stejskal Leos Stejskal 08/10/2022 05:31 AM Host registration
35350 Foreman Feature New Normal Multiple "OS friendly names" for Operating Systems Pat Riehecky 08/09/2022 08:18 PM Host registration
35349 Packaging Feature New Normal Have the foreman-release.deb rpm symlinked to latest version Amit Upadhye 08/09/2022 02:44 PM Debian/Ubuntu
35348 Packaging Feature New Normal Introduction of a new katello-release RPM Amit Upadhye 08/09/2022 02:42 PM
35347 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing High After removing the foreman_docker plugin, foreman log is flooded with huge tracebacks related to "unknown class DockerRegistry, ignoring" and "unknown class Container, ignoring" Ian Ballou Ian Ballou 08/08/2022 09:26 PM
35346 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Can't assign different networks on 2+ NICs with vNIC profiles selected Bernhard Suttner Bernhard Suttner 08/08/2022 08:38 PM
35345 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Host details Operating system card Maria Agaphontzev Maria Agaphontzev 08/08/2022 08:05 PM Web Interface
35344 Katello Feature New Normal Add Alternate Content Sources tab to content credentials Ian Ballou 08/08/2022 03:56 PM Repositories Katello - Katello Next
35342 Foreman Bug New Normal Registration - adding repo doesn't work on debian Leos Stejskal 08/08/2022 02:02 PM Host registration
35341 Katello Refactor Ready For Testing Normal Unpin Faraday version Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 08/08/2022 01:32 PM
35340 foreman-tasks Bug Ready For Testing Normal Hammmer task progress command returns Error: undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass Oleh Fedorenko Oleh Fedorenko 08/08/2022 01:01 PM
35338 Foreman Bug New Normal Using input() in a host parameters leads to `template_inputs' for nil:NilClass on hosts overview error Lucas Bickel 08/06/2022 08:55 PM
35337 Katello Bug Ready For Testing Normal ModuleStreamErratumPackages aren't indexed at first repository syncing Samir Jha Samir Jha 08/05/2022 03:23 PM Repositories
35336 Katello Bug Ready For Testing Normal New host details UI does not work at all Jeremy Lenz Jeremy Lenz 08/05/2022 02:38 PM
35334 Foreman Bug New Normal Improve error message for OS with missing template Leos Stejskal 08/05/2022 05:15 AM
35333 Katello Bug New Normal New host details- Translations audit Jeremy Lenz 08/04/2022 03:08 PM
35332 Katello Bug New Normal Official SLES repos contain duplicate NEVRAs that can be synced to Katello server, but not to proxy Quirin Pamp 08/04/2022 01:52 PM
35331 Foreman Bug New High RHEL 9 provisioned host goes into emergency mode after initial reboot Leos Stejskal 08/04/2022 11:21 AM Unattended installations
35330 Foreman Feature Ready For Testing Normal Introduce ActiveStorage Shimon Shtein Shimon Shtein 08/04/2022 09:56 AM
35328 foreman-tasks Bug Ready For Testing Normal Proxy batch triggering does not properly propagate errors when remote parent task fails to be triggered Adam Ruzicka Adam Ruzicka 08/03/2022 11:39 AM
35326 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing High Foreman Puppet ENC "hostname" and "fqdn" conflict with core Puppet Facts Paul Donohue Paul Donohue 08/02/2022 10:46 PM
35324 Katello Bug New Normal 'System purpose' modal doesn't reset after switching hosts with switcher Jeremy Lenz 08/03/2022 05:46 PM Hosts Katello - Katello Next
35321 Ansible Bug New Normal Ansible tests and deprecation warnings Leos Stejskal 08/02/2022 01:21 PM
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