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Trying to add a repo with a missing/unresponsive capsule hangs indefinitely/for a very long time.

Added by Steve Loranz about 9 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Description of problem:
When trying to create a product repo hangs indefinitely when a capsule disappears/is non-responsive. Removing it from Content Hosts/Hosts/Capsules does not seem to resolve it.

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How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create and sync a capsule -- generally assure it is working.
2. Take it down -- wiping the box would work, but I suspect simply removing network connectivity would work. Note: we're emulating a severe issue here, don't remove it from Content Hosts/Hosts/Capsules (yet).
3. Create a product, "foobar"
4. Attempt to add rpm repo to product "foobar"
5. Wait.... and wait.... and wait.

Actual results:

Create repository 'foobar'; product 'foobar-repo'; organization 'Default_Organization' running pending

Relevant lines seen in dynflow console
21: Actions::Pulp::Consumer::SyncNode (suspended) [ 1603.83s / 5.25s ] Cancel
26: Actions::Pulp::Repository::DistributorPublish (pending)

If you attempt to try and resolve it by deleting content host/host/capsule, it still hangs. It is possible it will eventually timeout after a very long time in pulp, but that timeframe is presently unknown

It is also presently unknown whether restarting any services will get us out of this wedged state.

Expected results:

A reasonable timeout?
Something that doesn't hang when a capsule is forcibly removed from network?

Additional info:

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Related to Katello - Bug #7162: capsule: synchronize command never times out/silently fails.Closeddustin tsang08/19/2014Actions
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